How to learn not to bother, but enjoy life

People go to self-destruction in different ways. One of them is the constant experiences that create negative scenarios in our imagination. They deprive us of energy and self-reliance.


5 ways to let go of worry

How to learn not to bother, but enjoy life? Here are 5 practical recommendations.


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№1. Do not live in the future


The future often instills fear in us: we fear mistakes, obstacles, defeats and serious consequences. But because of this, we miss the good that is happening here and now. Why think of a thunderstorm that will happen in a week, if now there is not a cloud in the sky?

Tip! Being in a "here and now" will help the constant pronunciation of what you do. For example: "Now I am driving a car" or "Now I am brushing my teeth." Immersion in the future is very easy, but such phrases will quickly bring you back to reality.

№2. Realize that problems are inevitable.


Problems occur on the path of each person and most often at the most unexpected moment. It is important not to fall into despair, otherwise it will definitely lead to defeat. If you often think about the possible occurrence of a problem, then answer yourself a couple of questions. What will be the consequences if this happens? How can I solve them? An action plan will give you confidence and reduce anxiety.

No. 3. Do not be discouraged by the little things


Many women tend to exaggerate their troubles, turning them into a real disaster. However, an emotionally mature person must understand that a broken charge from the phone or a broken plate is not a reason to turn the day into a series of whining and complaints.

№4. Solve problems gradually


Catching on for all the problems at the same time and trying to solve them all, you risk breaking more wood. It is better to arrange the problems in order and start by solving the most important ones. Acting in stages, you can cope with any bunch of tasks.

№5. Do not mess around


To eliminate the habit of worrying about any occasion, be constantly busy. Workload is the main medicine that perfectly expels the spirit of gloom.You just do not have time for bad thoughts.

Some more ways



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To get rid of anxiety:

  • Use the law of large numbers. Think about the likelihood that what you are worried about will happen at all?
  • Half the anxiety arises from the fact that people try to make decisions before they receive sufficient information. Therefore, it is important to carefully study the exciting issue.
  • Do not delve into the past and do not look for the guilty. It is unlikely that it will bring you any benefit, but the degree of anxiety may increase.

An integrated approach will help you get rid of the problems and improve the quality of your life!

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