How to learn to see good in everything

To learn to think positively, each time in a difficult situation, ask yourself the following questions: what are the advantages in what happened; what lesson can be learned from what is happening; how to turn the event in a positive direction and win at the same time? Answering these questions, you will exhaust the situation in a natural way, and there will simply be nothing left of it - it will disappear, and with it all the negative will go. The correct reaction to what is happening will change the color of your thoughts - they will become bright and positive.
Positive thinking will become your constant companion of life only when it comes to the realization that the ability to see good in everything is a huge benefit. As soon as this happens, you will learn to appreciate every moment, to rejoice madly at even the slightest success and to be grateful to everyone and everything for everything that happens in life.
Positive thinking will not appear by itself - practice is needed for its development, because it is a kind of habit that needs to be developed.The following will help you with this: having marked 10 days in the calendar, set yourself a goal - to respond positively to any situations that occur during this period of time. Thus, you will learn to see not the problem itself, but how to solve it and return to a successful life line.
For the development of positive thinking it would not be superfluous to make a diary of joy. It is necessary to write down everything that happened good for the past day, and it is desirable that the list consists of at least 8 points. At first, its filling will seem difficult, but then it will turn into not only interesting, but also useful five-minute business.
Often negative thinking prevails over those people who have no dreams in life. The dream should certainly be for everyone, even the most courageous. If it is missing, then this means only one thing - the person has ceased to go forward. This can only be changed in this way: after setting a goal for yourself, break it into many small steps and gradually follow them. Striving for the task will return you the meaning of existence and teach you to see the good even in the smallest trifles.
You can learn to see good in everything when you see good in yourself. To do this, you must be honest with yourself and identify all your flaws. Having done this, think about how they can be corrected and subsequently become better. Changing your attitude to yourself, you automatically begin to look at life and the things around you in a completely different way. Thanks to positive thinking, your life will change for the better and will acquire not a gray and boring color, but will play with bright colors.

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