How to leave Germany

Leave fromGermanycan be in several ways. The first and easiest is to fly by plane. Practically in any more or less large city of this country there is an international airport. The cost of a ticket to Moscow varies from 150 to 500 euros per person. It depends on the class of the flight and the carrier company. If you take care of the purchase of a travel document in advance, you can save a lot.
If you are traveling by car, then for departure fromGermanyyou need a valid Schengen visa and passport. On the way to Russia you will have to cross several borders:Germanywith Poland, Poland with Belarus and Belarus with Russia. This can take you a significant amount of travel time. Therefore, consider additional hours when planning a return trip. The cost of driving a car is gasoline, depreciation, food, and overnight stays in hotels if necessary.
Leave fromGermanycan and train.There is a railway connection between all European countries. First you need to get to Prague - it is from there that trains go to Russia. Only need to purchase a ticket in advance, especially in the summer. The fact is that there are very few trains from Russia to the Czech Republic, and the places are quickly bought by travel agencies. Therefore, arriving in Prague without a ticket, you risk to spend there a long time waiting. The cost of the Prague-Moscow ticket is about 150 euros. Depending on the season, the price may increase.
If you want to make a voyage, leaveGermanyon a ferryboat. In the city of Lübeck, you can get on a ship that takes you to St. Petersburg. Ticket price - from 150 euros per person (meals included). Do not forget about the port fee - 15 euros per passenger. Travel time is 62 hours. To travel by sea, you will need a valid Schengen visa and passport.

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