How to liquidate a company in tax

You will need
  • - the charter of the enterprise;
  • - receipts for the payment of taxes;
  • - notifications of submitted tax reports;
  • - Paid stamp duty.
Each legal entity has its own founders. In order to eliminate it, you need to make a decision on this at the general meeting of members of society. The decision of the meeting must be recorded in the minutes.
At the general meeting of shareholders, it is also necessary to select members of the liquidation commission and issue them with an official list of surnames indicating the chairman of the commission. Reconcile the decision of the meeting with the selected liquidation committee of the LLC.
After that, write a statement about the liquidation of the enterprise - a legal entity to the tax inspection body on behalf of the director. The application for liquidation must be notarized.
Place an ad in the media about the intention to close the company no later than two months before the actual closure.It is also necessary by other means to notify the creditors in writing if necessary.
If there are members of a legal entity in the LLC, withdraw them from the company and record it in the statute. Make an inventory act of the liquidated enterprise, officially certify it with the signatures of the members of the liquidation committee.
Make the dismissal of all employees in the manner prescribed by law. Pay them due compensation, make entries in the workbooks and de-register in the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund.
To submit to the tax authority, draw up an interim liquidation balance sheet, certify it with the signature of the chairman of the commission and take it to the tax office.
If the enterprise is bankrupt and there is no money to settle accounts with creditors, put up the property owned by the LLC for sale and settle with creditors.
Close the settlement account of LLC in the bank. To do this, write the appropriate application to the bank branch.
Only after that you can go through the very procedure of liquidation in the tax office. Pre-pay all arrears of taxes and fees, hand over the necessary statements. Pay the due state duty.
If all stages are successfully completed, do not forget to receive a notice of the liquidation of a legal entity.

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