How to live with a greedy husband

This is an unpleasant situation when a man asks to report for each ruble spent. Basically, this situation occurs when a woman falls into complete material dependence on her husband. This can happen on maternity leave, if you lose your job, etc. Perhaps this situation is temporary due to financial difficulties. In the presence of such an unpleasant trait in the character of the spouse, in order not to swear on every occasion, you should follow certain rules.

Keep track of expenses

This is necessary for the report to the spouse. While you will be in a certain material dependence on him, you will have to do it. Then you can keep a record of the money spent not only by the husband, but also by yours, in order to have weighty arguments in the next conflict on financial grounds.

Find a job or a part-time job

This is the best way out in this situation, so as not to listen to the eternal grumble of the husband about the extra financial costs on your part.

Speak frankly with your spouse

Try to talk to your spouse about the situation.Explain to him that it is unpleasant for you to constantly beg for money from him for the maintenance of the family. Offer to keep records of large expenses and not be greedy about trifles.

It is difficult to live with a greedy person; however, if certain rules of behavior are observed, a compromise can be found in relations with such a person.

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