How to look expensive in democratic things

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

The more clothes you buy, the more difficult it is, standing in front of the closet, to get out from there what is really to your liking. Democratic brands for several years of active presence in our lives have spoiled us completely: I want something new - you go to the store and buy, and sometimes even with an impressive discount. Opponents of the mass market will be indignant and say that this way you spend even more on clothes than those who dress in boutiques. And they will be right, because reckless shopping in large quantities never gives the impression that you are really rich and can afford a new thing every week. Dressing up expensive and looking expensive is no longer the same thing. And such a cherished desire to impress everyone and ask for the compliment “Oh God, where did you buy this cool thing?” Is also being performed in stores with low prices. Just buying things in them is necessary with the mind.

Be more legible in the matter of materials

Every time you go shopping in a democratic store, remember that you have "friends" and "enemies" there. We are talking about fabrics. Linen, thick cotton, heavy denim, artificial leather or suede always look expensive and presentable. Velvet, chiffon, viscose, thin cotton and polyester usually immediately give out their ignoble origin with giblets, therefore, things from them can be safely attributed to useless purchases.

Linen pants H & M

Linen trousers H & M (3 999 rub.)

Wear gold jewelry often

Yellow and pink gold have had such an excellent resume for thousands of years, that they and your image will make an order of magnitude more expensive. Only if you decide to wear more than three jewelry at once, then do not arrange a rainbow of colored stones and crystals.

Bracelet "Jewelers of the Northern Capital", pink gold, fianit

Bracelet "Jewelers of the Northern Capital", pink gold, fianit (to order)

With simple things, wear "complex" shoes

Each of us in the closet has dresses that are solo-looking so boring that they ask for things in the box for charity. And now try to add a pair of extraordinary or even frikovaty shoes to them and look at the result: together with red lipstick, it will come out fresh and stylish, as if you have just returned from Paris Fashion Week.

Mango shoes

Mango shoes (5 499 rub.)

Decide on your range of pastel shades

Some people like a bit depressive Provencal tones: purple, lilac-gray, milky, smoky, and someone would rather classify themselves as fans of delicate powdery shades of beige and peach. We hurry to please you: both those and others look expensive, especially if the color is sustained exactly as muffled and deep, without an admixture of bright tone, as often happens with pastel pink or yellow.

Blazer zara

Blazer Zara (6 999 rubles)

Add a wide-brimmed hat and a bag of very dense skin

The latter is generally difficult to "spoil": even bags made of artificial leather for the price of a cup of coffee sometimes do not give out their price until you begin to carefully examine the entrails. And a hat as a smart accessory always adds elegance: try to test its effect with the most coarse sundress that you have in your possession, and see how the overall picture is changing for the better.

How to look expensive in democratic things

Topshop Hat (£ 28)Zara bag (2 999 rub.)

Do not part with trench until August

This key thing is now available in models for temperatures from –10 to +20, that is, for the Eastern European winter, our off-season and not too hot summer. The classic beige trench, as an ideal office worker, is good for both Burberry and H & M,so find yourself one for the spring, and the other light for the summer (but by no means short!), and half of the task called “I want to look expensive” has already been completed.

Mango Trench Coat

Mango Trench Coat (13 999 rub.)

Look for things intellectual simplicity

"Golden" advice is doomed to be final. If you clearly know what you want exactly the effect of "I dress in boutiques," then persuade yourself to be an ascetic. On a sweater more than two shades? Does not fit! On the pants a lot of pockets, which just want to fill with everything you need? We carry them in the country. Is there a lot of seams, flounces and other details on the blouse or jacket? Leave for vacation. Overdo it better with miniature jewelery - thin chains, bracelets and earrings can be just a lot.

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