How to lose weight in between times

For a sparing weight loss, first of all, you need to reconsider the diet: for nothing you can never skip breakfast or limit yourself to a cup of coffee. Morning food intake triggers metabolism and prevents overeating during the day. Considering the morning rush in most families, breakfast can be cooked in the evening, and in the morning you can only warm up, or wake up 10-15 minutes earlier, then you will have time to wake up your appetite. You should not forget about the right snacks at home and at work. Kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, an apple, cucumbers or a small bag of nuts or dried fruits are perfect for snacking. All sweets and harm, if you can not do without them, it is better to use in the morning, ideally up to 12 hours. You must eat only by sitting at the table, otherwise, you will not get any satisfaction from the food.

Much has been said and written about the benefits of walking, but they do help in the fight against obesity. If the place of study or work is quite far, you can walk 1-2 stops, and then transfer to public transport. Moving in a bus / trolley bus is better standing, it consumes more calories.Yielding the place to elderly, pregnant or small children, you not only show politeness and education, but also stimulate yourself to lose weight.

Ignoring trips in the elevator, you can not only lose weight, but also pump up the muscles of the legs and buttocks. If it is difficult to completely eliminate the elevator, you can only try to get down first, and when the body gets used to the load, start climbing upwards, only do it gradually: one floor, after a couple of days, two, etc. When the shortness of breath passes, and the heartbeat on the rise will be even, you can add load to the legs: moving the feet is not level, and crosswise, that is, you can move your right leg a little to the left on the step and left to the right - this will allow you to pump the lateral muscles of the hips.

Washing dishes is the most boring practice for most women, but you can also benefit from it - stand on one leg from time to time, squat lightly or do breathing exercises, taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly the air.

Cleaning the apartment is also not loved by many, in order to create the right mood, turn on rhythmic music and dance, wiping dust, periodically sweep your arms and legs, or light bends.Do not be lazy to whip pillows and shake the blanket, this is also a very energy-intensive exercise.

Talking on the phone, watching TV can also be improved - squat, walk, wave your hands, etc.

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