How to lower cholesterol at home

ProductsHow to cookHow to use
Dandelion root Grind into powder, previously dried root. Take a teaspoonful of funds 1 time before meals.
Cyanosis Pour a glass of boiling water and slightly boil 1 tablespoon of the plant, then let it brew for 30 minutes, filter. Drink a couple of hours before night rest.
Propolis Insist on alcohol propolis for a week or purchase at the pharmacy. Drink 4 times a day half an hour before meals, 7 drops, dilute 30 ml of pure water before use.
Oats Glass of cereal and 0.8 l of water should be thoroughly washed and sieved. Drink before eating 0.5 glass 3-4 times a day.
Liquorice root Two glasses of boiling water should brew 2 tbsp. chopped product, continue boiling for 10 minutes, then cool and strain. Take 4 times a day for three weeks.

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