How to make a balcony door

You will need
  • - vertical blinds;
  • - mini-cluster systems;
  • - Japanese panel curtains.
For each curtain on the balcony door requires a special approach. When you make a window opening that has access to the balcony, consider the fact that you need to ensure the free use of the door. Therefore, do not install lambrequins near the balcony, as well as other bulky decorative elements. In addition, they quickly pollute and visually reduce space.
Quite convenient, practical and modern option is to use vertical blinds as a curtain for a balcony door. They are very functional and easy to operate. There are models that can be controlled from various sides - both from the side of the window and from the side of the balcony.
Another common option for curtains on the balcony door are roller blinds. They repeat the dimensions of the window opening, being located almost close to it, and this is an undoubted advantage.Very convenient for a balcony door are mini-miniature systems in which the canvas, when lifted up, is in a small plastic box - almost imperceptibly and very compactly.
Pay attention to the Japanese panel curtains when you make a balcony door. They are one of the most convenient and practical options. These curtains are easy to manage, they are always easy to keep clean. They will create comfort on your balcony, not taking space and not making the interior heavier. In addition, they are neutral, and therefore go well with almost any furniture, especially with light, which most often furnish a similar corner of outdoor recreation.
If during the cold season your balcony turns into a winter garden, the curtain on its door will play not only a protective, but also a decorative function, enlivening the room. Stop the choice on light translucent fabrics of greenish or yellowish natural shades.

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