How to make a cool parquet floor

My name is Alexei Steshak. I am a crazy decorator, and today I will show you my new project - “Parquet floor with ceramic birds”, which was made for a beauty salon.

I dreamed of creating such a floor for many years. And, finally, my dream came true.

The total area is 56 sq.m. It took me five months to do this. I started on October 22, 2016 and finished on March 22, 2017. And that's not counting the time for preparing the material and drying the wood.

I used trees blown down by the wind, and some trees were just brought by my friends. In the end, I had 40 bags of small pieces of wood.

So, for parquet, I used several types of wood: pear tree, elm, ash, birch, ash, maple, American walnut, cherry, larch, mountain ash and some mahogany

Wood used for "wood": maple, birch, pine, larch, American cherry, pear, cherry, oak

For the background I used: apple, pear, apricot, Manchurian walnut, mahogany, oak, Siberian, Ukrainian oak, Hungarian beech, ash.

I put the 10-mm plywood on a flat concrete floor, and then stuck wooden blocks on it.

After all the wooden part of the floor was ready, I began to make "birds". For this, I used broken ceramic tiles.

Despite the fact that it was a long and very laborious process, I was very pleased, and I never regretted that I started it.

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