How to make a dress?

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How to make a dress?

Dress is considered the most feminine item of clothing. If you want to get a new dress, it is not necessary to buy ready-made in the store - you can make a dress with your own hands of any cut, shape, style from the fabric you like.

Let's talk about how to make a dress, give some useful recommendations

Do-it-yourself dress: general tips

Choice of dress

If you even sew a dress yourself, then it is necessarily good and suitable for you. Therefore, do not rush to take on the first pattern, but first determine which dress you want and which one will best suit your figure. How to choose the style of dress based on the characteristics of the body, you will learn from the article What kind of dress will suit me. You will find some ideas on sewing a dress in the article What a dress to sew.

You also need to consider where and when you will wear the dress. So, if it is a dress to study or to work, then it is better to focus on simple lines and silhouettes - a straight dress with no frills, a sheath dress, a dress with a not very bulky skirt will work.If you mean a dress for holidays and parties, then you can afford more bold and original solutions - an asymmetrical cut, a skirt of the "American" type, a dress with a deep slit, a neckline neckline or back, etc. Choose a style of dress, also proceeding From age: baby doll style dresses will look weird on a woman aged - it is better to prefer strict classics.

Dress fabric color

Then you need to decide on the color of the future dress. This choice also depends on where you wear the dress, besides, it is worth choosing the colors that you like. For tips on choosing colors to suit your appearance, see the articles in the Color and Appearance section.

In general, we can advise you not to choose the “flashy” and acid tones, you should carefully choose combinations of colors - they should either complement each other or contrast. Avoid excessive amounts of different colors on the fabric, strange and incompatible with the main tone prints. Solid color is a classic that goes with everything. For everyday dress choose neutral colors - black, gray, brown, beige, white, pastel colors.You can choose a bright fabric, but not too much so as not to "hurt the eyes" in daylight. The most bright and rich colors, gentle and seducing are ideal for evening and cocktail dresses - here you can afford more freedom. Choose juicy and "tasty" colors, avoid vulgar, "dirty", ugly shades.

Choosing the type of fabric

Now you need to choose a fabric. The well-known rule “you have to pay for the good” acts here. If you want to end up with a really high-quality, beautiful and “expensive” dress, then you will need to choose the appropriate material. High-quality fabric is not cheap, but in the end you will get a dress that will serve you faithfully for more than one year, and at the same time your body will be comfortable in it. Synthetic over the years looks worse, the skin under this fabric does not breathe, but a small percentagedresssynthetics in the fabric is permissible (about 10%) - thanks to this, the thing will be stronger and more elastic.

General recommendations for the choice of fabric are: evening dresses - silk and chiffon; summer dresses - silk, cotton, linen; spring dresses - silk, knitwear; autumn dresses - knitwear and wool; winter dresses - flannel, wool, mohair.The volume of the fabric depends on the size of the figure and the length of the future dress. It is better to take the required length of fabric with a margin of at least 1 m. Just in case, also additional fabric is useful for details of the dress.

Pattern and tailoring

Prepare everything you need: cloth, good scissors, a measuring tape, sewing chalk (it can be replaced with an old wash piece), high-quality, suitable color yarns, yarn for basting (better contrasting to the main tone of the fabric), needles, sewingdresstypewriter. If you make a pattern, you will need a thick cardboard, pencil, eraser. Read more about creating patterns for dresses, read the article How to build a pattern. Many interesting dress patterns you will find.

Do not forget to make allowances for seams of 1.5-2 cm. - then it will be possible to trim. Do not rush to immediately cut the fabric - remember: "measure seven times, cut once." Next, you need to sweep the details of the dress and sew. In the process of sewing a dress, try it on yourself to notice possible inaccuracies and correct them in time. After the dress is sewn, process the edges of the fabric with an overlock.

Options for fast tailoring dresses

If you do not want to mess with the patterns for a long time, take a lot of measurements,then we can restrict ourselves to simple, but at the same time, good versions of dresses without a pattern - read more about this in our article How to make a dress without a pattern. We can also offer simple tailoring and at the same time interesting options:

  • Sew a transforming dress. The author of the idea of ​​this unique dress formdressis an American designer Von Vonni. The idea is simple: a bottom — a skirt (usually hanging loosely) knee-deep or to the floor, a top — top (maybe, maybe not), two wide stripes 1.5–2 meters long — it is in them that the highlight lies dresses This top can be differently modeled, each time inventing a new type of dress. See how you can in different ways. The process of creating this dress, as well as its pattern, you will find.
  • Unnecessary shirt can be easily altered in a mini-dress. Read about it in the article How to make a dress from a shirt.
  • Another simple option: prepare a long rectangle of fabric, fold it in half, then sew the sides along the sides of your silhouette, leaving pieces of fabric - they will hang down in waves. Leave the holes for the arms - this is how the sleeves will be formed. Now you only need to cut and process the neck.

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