How to Make Happy New Year's Toys with a Child

How to Make Happy New Year's Toys with a ChildWe prepared a detailed master-class "New Year's toys with our own hands on the Christmas tree". To get started, prepare a work surface, remove all unnecessary items from the desk and wipe the table with a cloth. If you make toys with your child on the Christmas tree with your own hands, it is better to use a coffee table. Ornaments on the Christmas tree are made of fabric, beads, paper, plastic bottles. The main thing in creativity is your imagination. And the preparation for the holiday gives us a magical New Year mood.

Let your baby decide for himself how to make Christmas toys on the Christmas tree. We offer you to make paper Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, a magical Christmas ball of colored pencils and a sheep from a cotton swab. The child will be doubly more interesting to make a hand-made article, which he himself chose.

Toys on the tree with their own hands, master class - a magical New Year ball

You will need the following items:

  • transparent Christmas balls, better plastic.They can be bought in shops for creativity;
  • Styrofoam;
  • colored pencils and stationery glue;
  • warm water;
  • acrylic paint and brush;
  • sparkles.

Making a magic New Year's ball consists of several stages:

  1. Carefully, in order not to break the ball, separate the upper part from it.
  2. Take the colored pencils, break and separate the stylus. Slate finely chop with a knife. You can use different colors.
  3. Now we pour different colors of slate and sparkles into warm water. You should get multicolored drips. If desired, add crumbs of foam. Then carefully add stationery glue and pour into a bowl. After 10-20 minutes, the mixture in the bowl will cool, and you can attach the upper part.
  4. You will get bright Christmas decorations with your own hands. And the most interesting is that balls always turn out different. It all depends on your imagination.
  5. Paint the ball on top with acrylic paints.

How to Make Happy New Year's Toys with a Child
Magic Christmas tree toy is ready.

Santa Claus and Snow Maiden - Christmas decorations made of paper: master class

  1. Take two sheets of cardboard in blue and red. On the sheets, draw a circle and cut with scissors. Each circle cut into two parts. Roll the 4 cones.Glue the ends of the cone with glue.
  2. Paint cones with acrylic paints and decorate with sparkles. Make white mittens and mittens. To make a snow maiden's braid, use yellow floss threads. Faces and mittens to the cones. Make a Santa Claus beard made of cotton, glue them to your face.
  3. Draw the cap on the cardboard and cut it out, glue it to the face. To the figure, attach the loops from the thread using scotch tape.

How to Make Happy New Year's Toys with a Child
We have made funny decorations on the Christmas tree with their own hands, you can look at the photos on our website.

Lamb - New Year's decorations with their own hands: master class

For this craft you will need two capsules from under the kinder surprise, wire, cotton swabs, napkins, PVA glue, black marker and spangles.

  1. Attach a loop of wire to the capsules. To do this, they need to open and insert the wire inside. Make feet from cotton buds. Attach the neck and head. The head is the second capsule. Capsules pierce with an awl and insert cotton swabs - this is wool.
  2. To attach ears to the head are pieces of cotton swabs, painted in golden color. Using PVA, paste over the napkins in several layers, then paint them with white acrylic paint.To draw a muzzle.
  3. Lamb decorate with sparkles.

How to Make Happy New Year's Toys with a Child
Our sheep is ready.

On our site you will find many more workshops, how to make Christmas decorations with your own hands, you can see the photo of the handicrafts in the gallery.

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