How to make a garden on the balcony

The most popular vegetable for this are tomatoes. Beautiful clusters of fruit ripen in the sun from July to the most frost. On the balcony it is better to plant small-fruited cherry bushes and dwarf tomatoes. To get a rich harvest, plant bushes on the warmest and sunniest place. Take care of loose and fertile substrate (by the way, tomatoes feel great in ready mixes for roses). Seedlings of dwarf tomatoes are planted in a permanent place 3-4 cm deeper compared to how they "sat" before. Young plants form, regularly removing all side shoots and stepchildren, as soon as they reach 3-5 cm. Tomatoes do not tolerate drafts and sharp fluctuations in temperature. At the first threat of night frost, they are covered with non-woven material. TIP: To make the fruit bigger, shake the flowering plant slightly in the morning or afternoon - this will contribute to a better pollination of the flowers. Greens and herbs are great for planting on the balcony, the bright color and delicate scent of which will decorate your garden.Most of the aromatic plants are not demanding on the soil, but they should be fed with fertilizers for ornamental plants. Greens should be regularly cut, so that the bushes begin to branch more and the stems do not prematurely become bare. In the heat of spicy herbs is better to water twice: in the early morning and after sunset.

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