How to make a lifting makeup?

Cosmetology designs offer lots of products that help you look fresher and younger. An alternative but more risky and expensive option is surgery. But for those for whom these two options are unacceptable for some reason, there is another method that helps to significantly transform a woman of any age. Name it - lifting makeup.

Minus 10 years with one stroke of a brush

Usually, anti-aging technique of applying decorative cosmetics is resorted after 45 years. At this age, the appearance of the face changes significantly: elasticity is lost, skin sags, wrinkles become visible, the corners of the mouth and eyes are lowered.

The technique of doing this makeup borrowed some important points from professional make-up artists and has a number of its features, including:

  • correctly selected shading range;
  • special application techniques;
  • texture;
  • proper preparation of the face.

Let's deal with them a little more detail.

Technique as the basis of the desired result

In order for a face to become visually younger, it is necessary to adhere to several important techniques:

  1. The play of light and shadow. First of all, you need to remember to hide the shortcomings (wrinkles, hollows under the eyes, mimic wrinkles) they need to be clarified. This should be done with the help of a corrector or a light tonal framework. And undesirable impending parts - eyelids, cheeks, it is necessary to make on the contrary more dark (tone, powder, shadows).
  2. Direction of movement. In anti-aging makeup, all lines should be directed upwards, and not otherwise. That is how the face will look fit. For example, arrows on the eyelids should not rush down at the outer corner of the eye, apply blush only to the upper part of the cheekbones, and do not lower the eyebrow line too low.
  3. The rule of parallelism. The main landmark in the process of applying decorative cosmetics - eyebrows. Make sure that the lines of the lips and the application of blush are strictly parallel to them.

Choosing the right shades

Women who adore bright makeup will have to forget about it. After all, to achieve a rejuvenating effect is possible only with the help of bright, neutral tones.Give up matte cosmetics and funds with nacre and flicker, they will make the age-related skin changes even more noticeable. And now let's look at the rules for choosing each of the cosmetics:

  1. The base for make-up can be transparent, beige or gentle-peach. Well, if it is a tool with a glow effect. Thus, you can achieve a more healthy face tone.
  2. Tonal foundations should be chosen in beige tones, abandoning pink and too dark beige. Owners of cold skin tone fit shade of ivory.
  3. How to make invisible minor imperfections of the skin? Do not forget about proofreaders. To make you happy, look at the yellow and orange shades.
  4. Powder, as the finishing touch, should not create a mask effect. Ideal - a transparent tool.
  5. Blush may be refreshing colors - peach orange or pink, but with them it is important not to overdo it. If you have dark skin, you can use a bronzer, but without sparkles.
  6. Eyes - one of the accents of anti-aging makeup, so carefully approach the choice of shadows.Remember that bright colors give the ladies at the age of excessive vulgarity, so choose neutral colors - pink, sand, peach.
  7. Lips should also not be too pale and too bright. Those who are accustomed to red lipstick should not be upset, it can be replaced by a berry-colored means. Pink and beige will also be in place.

Remember that with age, the skin loses moisture, so it becomes dry. It is important to regularly take care of it, choosing nourishing and moisturizing creams, fluids and serums. A decorative means should not be too thick, otherwise it will be very visible on the face. It is better if the cosmetics will have a more fluid texture.

Dry shadows can crumble, so give preference to the cream options. And lipstick suitable lipstick with a moisturizing effect.

How to prepare a face?

It is no secret that makeup will be performed correctly only if the skin was previously prepared. What is meant? It should be clean and hydrated. To do this, wipe your face with a tonic and apply a moisturizer, let it soak. Remove excess with a napkin.

For eyelids, it is better to use gel means, it will not be clogged in wrinkles, which means that the shadows will not roll down.

Apply a balm on your lips or use the usual hygienic lipstick. Remember to blot it before using lipstick.

Another secret professional makeup artists - silicone base. It will help in the event that the face has a large number of fine wrinkles. Silicone fills the bumps and evens out the texture.

Anti-aging makeup is an excellent means of visual rejuvenation of the skin. Without making much effort, without spending money on expensive drugs, and, most importantly - without the help of plastic surgeons, you will look young and attractive.

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