How to make a photo design

Advantages of photodesignAnd the nail is that you can make your nails with absolutely any image, be it your loved one or musical idol. In addition, there are ready-made pictures for photosdesignand nails with landscapes, images of flowers, beautiful buildings and simple patterns and ornaments.
In fact, you make out your nails with very small photos that match the size of the nail. If you create these photos yourself, print them on a fairly thin and soft glossy paper.
To transfer the image from the photo to the nail is very simple - apply a suitable film with a thin layer of foil glue or a covering for the top layer of the manicure. When the coating is dry, put the picture in a container with water and wait a few minutes.
When the paper is sodden, carefully remove the paper layer from the photo so that you have a thin film with an image in your hands. Slowly, lay on the surface of the nail, pre-varnished in the color of the picture, a wet film and smooth it.
The color of the lacquer should be contrasted with the photodesignand so that he stood out and was noticeable.After applying the lacquer, secure it with a transparent base, and then apply the film with the image. Excess edges of the film that extend beyond the nail, cut off with sharp nail scissors.

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