How to make a septic tank in the country

It must be said right away that progress at the present time is indeed going towards the summer resident. Make a cesspool or, culturally speaking,septic tank�possible for 4 days. First you need to dig a hole that has a length and width of 1.5 sq.m. Next to the bottom fit permeable reinforcing bars. It should be reinforced to the diameter of the bottom by pouring under the brickwork 25 centimeters high. After that, you need to do the laying of bricks. It is best to do this round, chessboard with holes. Water in this case will not go into the soil, and solids will remain. If there is an opportunity, then it is good to buy a manhole on a metal purchase. They need to close this construction. In advance, you need to take care of carrying out the drain pipe to the house. This design is almost never clogged, so cleaners do not have to call for a long time.
However, it is worth considering that the neglect of the device normal purification schemes leads to environmental pollution.If it is not possible to use a central sewage system, then it is best to start building your own autonomous treatment systems. However, this equipment has a fairly decent cost.
At installation of a septic tank there can be very many problems. The fact is that the septic tank is not suitable for every soil. For example, if the earth is clay, then it will be necessary to dig trenches or wells for filtration. They will then need to be covered with sand or rubble. The bottom line is that after withdrawal from a septic tank, waste water needs additional cleaning in the ground. This backfill should change every 2-3 years.
Also, sometimes people encounter problems cleaning the septic tank. It is necessary in this case to call the vacuum trucks. This, of course, will lead to additional financial costs. If the site has a high level of groundwater, then during the pumping foam may rise, which is squeezed out from the outside, no matter how well it is fixed.

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