How to make a summer shower in the country

You will need
  • - lining;
  • - pipes;
  • - boards;
  • - capacity for water on 100-200l;
  • - waterproof shutter;
  • - roofing material for the roof;
  • - mounting material;
  • - carpentry tool.
Choose the type of shower
Summer shower can be done in different ways: in the form of a light structure with a tank for water heating from the sun, or to equip a stationary shower with heating. If you do not want to spend big money on such a device, limit yourself to a simple design.
Find a place
When choosing a place for a shower, two factors should be taken into account: illumination and relief. For the natural heating of water in the tank need a lot of heat. Find an open place where the sun burns most of the day - then the water in the tank warms up well and does not cool until late evening. To have a good outflow, place the building on a hill. Arrange a small groove into which sewage will run down the pipe.
Pick a design
A simple version of the soul can be made from utility materials: boards, slats, old bricks.For example, on a ready-made support, install a metal tank with a tap and a shower horn. Wall this space curtains, fixed on top of the hoop. If you want a more sturdy construction - make a shower with blank walls.
Strengthen the pad
In order for the structure to stand firmly and not to collapse, first make a fortified base. To do this, drive metal or asbestos-cement pipes (1.5-2 m) with a diameter of 90-100 mm into the ground. Install a strong wooden frame with a height of 2.5-3.0 m. Do not forget that the cabin should be comfortable - consider its dimensions not less than 100x100 cm
Cover the frame with boards or clapboard, drain the water and lay the floors. Install the water tank on the roof above the frame. Cover the walls from the inside with a protective layer of lacquer or paint. Swipe the tube with the shower horn inside the booth and attach the shelf for soap and washcloths. Separate the washing compartment from the locker room. To do this, you can use a waterproof curtain that protects clothes from splashes.
Buy a ready-made shower
If you do not have enough skill, buy a ready-made garden shower. This may be a portable or fixed installation. Such facilities have an aesthetic appearance and fit perfectly into the garden landscape.

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