How to make an envelope from paper with your own hands, photo

How to make an envelope from paper with your own hands, photoThere is still a lot of spring holidays ahead, and so I want to congratulate my relatives and loved ones, giving them an original thing and a beautiful postcard.


Bright and creative packaging - the task is not difficult, but very important. After all, the perception of a gift very often depends on its presentation. Therefore, we suggest you learn how to fold an envelope out of paper quickly and easily. This work will take very little time, but the result will pleasantly please you!


Step-by-step instruction


Before you make a paper envelope, prepare all the necessary materials. And they do not need much for crafts: a sheet of paper A4 and a beautiful ribbon bow. All this you can easily find in the stationery store.


The photographs depict each step in creating the original envelope. Just repeat everything shown in the pictures, and your craft will be ready in less than 5 minutes. We also offer you a small description for each stage.


1. First, cut a square out of a sheet.Fold it in half diagonally.
2. Unscrew one of the tips of the sheet of paper to the outside so that the point touches the bend of the square.
3. Now you need to conditionally divide the resulting sheet into three equal parts vertically. The right angle, which is one third, bend towards the middle of the figure.
4. Bend the left corner, as well as the previous one, but only in the opposite direction.
5. Fold the part of the wrapped corner edge back to the left so that the tip touches the left side.


How to make an envelope from paper with your own hands, photo


6. After the done actions you should get everything exactly as shown in the picture.
7. Unfold the bent corner slightly and bend, as is done in the photo. It turned out a small pocket.
8. Fold the top edge of the envelope.
9. Insert the bent edge into the pocket.
10. Your envelope is ready, it's time to decorate it with a bow and other decorative elements.


How to make an envelope from paper with your own hands, photo


Now you know how to make an envelope out of paper, and you can easily create one to pack a colorful card for a friend and a loved one for a special holiday.


Some tips


  • You can take multi-colored paper to make envelopes of bright colors;
  • try to use not ordinary sheets, but corrugated paper;
  • to make the envelope even more original, paste on it beautiful printed pictures with flowers or interesting images;
  • for decoration you can use small rhinestones, as well as small plastic pebbles;
  • after the craft is ready, lightly smear the paper with glue and sprinkle with sequins;
  • if you do well with brushes and paints, you can paint something wholeheartedly;
  • You can also write lines of poems in beautiful handwriting or make various calligraphic inscriptions;
  • try using small ribbons to decorate the envelope;
  • you can create small bows with your own hands, and then stick them to the craft;
  • An excellent option would be cut out of colored paper stars and hearts, glued to the envelope.


How to make an envelope from paper with your own hands, photo


Do not be afraid to experiment and show imagination. On the Internet you can easily find many interesting options for decorating such products. You can also watch a video on how to make a paper envelope and decorate it in an original way.


But the most important thing is that an envelope created with your own hands always brings a lot of joy, because it keeps in itself not only a lovely postcard, but also the warmth with which it was made. That is why such beauty is always very pleasant to give to close people.


By the way, you can easily create such envelopes for any holiday, decorating them depending on the occasion. For example, for New Year's cards, decorate the package with carved snowflakes and Christmas trees, and for the holiday of March 8 - with tulips and roses. If you want to wish your loved one a happy birthday, make a decor in the form of a festive cake and attach a little confetti.

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