How to make coffee with foam with your own hands?

Coffee is an invigorating drink that starts the morning of many people. But some like to enjoy not only the aroma and taste, but also an interesting design. For example, decorate the air soft foam drink. But to get it, you have to try.

How to make this coffee?

How to make coffee with frothy? The easiest and most obvious way is to use a coffee machine. Simply choose an espresso or cappuccino making program, wait a bit and enjoy the result.

If you do not have such a useful device, then you can brew natural coffee, complementing it with an appetizing foam. This will require:

  • Turk;
  • 150 ml of pure water (preferably filtered, bottled or purified);
  • 10-15 g of coffee beans;
  • coffee grinder;
  • Coffee cup;
  • wooden spoon.


  1. First, grind the coffee beans, and ideally you should have practically a powder.
  2. Pour water into a Turk, pour grains into it. Mix everything, and better with a wooden spoon or at least a stick, as a metal device can adversely affect the taste of the product.
  3. Put the Turk on a slow fire. First, large bubbles will appear, then the foam will become more airy and will begin to rise. At this point, turn off the fire or remove the Turk from the stove.
  4. Allow the coffee to stand for a while and reheat it again to create a voluminous froth.
  5. Take a cup and heat it with hot water.
  6. Gently pour a warm cup of coffee in order to preserve the foam.
  7. Serve a drink.

You can do otherwise and make the foam more voluminous. To do this, remove the foam formed during the cooking process, but not completely, so that the surface remains closed, otherwise boiling will begin. Move the air mass in some dishes, preferably warm. When the drink is in the cup, on top of a neatly warm spoon, place the prepared foam.

Cooking secrets

To make your own perfect coffee with froth yourself, you need to follow some rules:

  • Much depends on the dishes, that is, from the Turks. It should have a fairly narrow neck, and what it will have, the more airy and tender the foam will turn out.
  • Equally important is the quality of coffee. It is necessary to use only fresh grains,because they contain a sufficient amount of essential oils, which, firstly, stimulate the formation of small bubbles and, accordingly, airy foam, and secondly, give the drink an unforgettable bright aroma. If the coffee is stale, some of the oils from it will have time to evaporate. The variety can be almost anything, its choice depends only on your personal preferences.
  • At home, it is most convenient to use a gas stove to heat a drink, but it is important to keep the fire on a minimum, otherwise the coffee will simply boil, will burst into smoke, and then you can only dream of foam. If you use an electric stove, the degree of surface heating should also be minimal.
  • To make the foam better in shape, and the drink itself has acquired a more delicate taste, you can add a small pinch of salt to the Turk when cooking.
  • The water before brewing coffee must be extremely cold so that the heating is gradual and natural. But the grains trapped in a hot liquid and have undergone such a rapid heat treatment can lose most of the essential oils and aroma.
  • Grind the seeds only before cooking, not earlier, so that they preserve all the essential oils contained in them.

Milk froth

The foam can be not only coffee, but also milk, just such is present on the surface of a delicious and so beloved by many cappuccino. If you do not have a coffee machine, then try to make a “milk cloud” with your own hands. And this is simple: it is enough to take quite fat milk (it is whipped faster and holds its shape better), whip it with a whisk or a mixer to make a frothy mass. Move it gently onto the surface of the coffee poured into the cup.

The preparation of milk froth also has several nuances.

  • Firstly, the milk needs to be preheated, since the cold composition can quickly lose its shape upon contact with hot coffee.
  • Secondly, it is necessary to whip the product for a long time: first large bubbles form, but they will not work. Continue whipping to see fine foam, which will be used.
  • Thirdly, it is necessary to shift the mass extremely carefully and preferably with a warm spoon, since a cold one can make all your efforts in vain.
  • Fourthly, the milk must be sufficiently fat, so if the fat content is reduced, you can add a little cream.

Now you can definitely make delicious, correct, aromatic and beautiful coffee with airy foam.

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