How to make debt repay

Call the debtor or meet him. Remind him of his debt and find out the reasons for his non-payment. It is quite possible that a borrower has a really difficult life situation, which does not allow to fulfill his obligations in time. In this case, you can negotiate with him and make concessions: to provide a delay or give the opportunity to pay the money in parts.
If the debtor does not come to an agreement with the creditor, the latter has the right to remind him of going to court, to collection agencies and even to the police, if signs of fraud are seen in the actions of the borrower. Add that in case of going to court, the debtor may increase the amount of his debt, as the creditor has the right to include his legal expenses in the amount of the claim. And according to the results of the trial, the debtor will lose his property, car, apartment, if the amount of the debt is very high.
You can contact the collection agency. But their services are not cheap.As a rule, the amount of debt is either purchased for 20-50% of the principal amount, or transferred to the work under the cession agreement. And a large part of the debt that collectors will be forced to pay will have to be left to them.
But the most effective means is still filing a claim in court. It is not so difficult to make it as it may seem at first glance: collect all documents confirming the fact of the debt, make a statement of claim and file it in court at the place of residence of the claimant or the defendant. Independently make a statement on numerous samples. After that, be patient and wait for the court hearing.
You can hire a professional lawyer who will not only help you make a competent statement, but also ensure that the case is kept in court. The amount of expenses for legal assistance include the amount of the claim. In the event of a decision in favor of the creditor, the debtor will have to pay the court costs of the creditor.

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