How to make jewelry sparkle?

Every woman wants to have a ring with her jewelry box, an elegant diamond necklace, as well as a gold bracelet and earrings. Such accessories have ceased to be a luxury, now it is a necessary element of the style of a true lady. Even the most ordinary and inconspicuous image jewelry makes rich, elegant and fashionable. However, over time, such products lose their former luster and even turn black. How to make jewelry always sparkle and look like new?

Jewelry Care Guidelines

In order for gold, silver or a gem not to blacken for a long time, it is necessary to know the secrets of caring for them. Most often, those jewelry that you wear on your hands - these are bracelets and rings. Therefore, when you come home, you should remove them and wipe them with a soft cloth. Do the housework without ornaments, as contact with chemical agents leads to rapid contamination and darkening of the metal. The use of cream and cosmetics also adversely affects the appearance of the accessory.Knowing and applying such secrets, jewelry will always sparkle and cause rave reviews of others!

How to make jewelry sparkle?

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How to clean gold to make it shine

To return the former shine to gold, you need a dishwashing liquid or soapy water. In this solution, a ring or earrings is soaked for one day, and then water is periodically mixed. You can use a soft toothbrush to clean the clasp and the cavity under the stone. This tool is only suitable for cleaning gold with stones: emerald, diamond, ruby, sapphire or topaz.

When cleaning gold-plated items, do not use a brush to remove the top gold layer.

Ammonia is a good tool for cleaning gold jewelry. However, in this case it is important to maintain proportions in order not to damage the decoration. If an accessory without stones, then diluted 1 tsp. ammonia with 2 cups of water. For jewelry with stones for this amount of water allowed 12 drops of ammonia.

How to clean silver to glisten

The simplest folk silver cleaner is tooth powder or baking soda. However, there is a more effective way, which consists in mixing 0.5 tbsp. l. salt, 0.5 liters of water and 1 egg shell. This mixture is boiled and dipped there decoration for 10-15 minutes. After cleaning the silver is washed and dried.

How to make jewelry sparkle?

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Many people purify silver with peroxide, but this is a risky way that can permanently damage jewelry. Hydrogen peroxide returns shine to silver only if the accessory consists solely of this metal. Many do not realize that they have jewelry not from pure silver, but from an alloy that eventually oxidizes. Therefore, before proceeding with the cleaning, conduct preliminary tests for the presence of additional metals in the decoration.

As you can see, to clean jewelry at home is quite simple, if you know the secrets of caring for him. Regular use of folk remedies will make the accessory once again brilliant and attractive.

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