How to make slides?

You can, of course, create slides using any video editor. But if there is no confidence in using such programs, then you should pay attention to special utilities that are meant for creating a slide show. In this article we will talk about such programs and how to make slides. These programs are designed for home users, so they have a simple interface that even older people can master.

Photo Slideshow Creator

There is a great program. Making slides in it is a snap. Photo Slideshow Creator can be used by almost any user. Work in this program requires almost no special knowledge in working with graphics. Ready-made slides and presentations are very high quality, almost professional. They can be published on social networks, shared with friends by e-mail, viewed on a mobile phone. There is in the program and such a useful feature as recording on CDD-VD, which allows you to view the slides on a regular DVD-player.


With the help of the program PicturesToExe, you can easily create slides, and from them a presentation in the form of one self-launching .exe file is convenient for writing to disk and sent via e-mail.You can add sound or text commentary, transition effects, and background music for the entire slide show to any slide. The program contains the option to synchronize the time of the slide show with the time of playing music.

Wedding Album Maker Gold

The features of the Wedding Album Maker Gold program are:

  • Creation of slideshow slideshow with a variety of effects and background music.
  • The ability to record this result on a DVD or CD-ROM for further viewing on TV.
  • Create different photo albums are not similar to each other, thanks to a variety of effects and settings.
  • The program is quite convenient and simple for the creativity of the average user, and the result is just great.


There is another great program. Making slides in it is best. PowerPoint from Microsoft, the most famous and most frequently used application. Next, we will give some recommendations on how to use this program. Let's look at how to create a slide, make its layout and design. These recommendations are given for PowerPoint 2007 with additions for the 2003 version.

  • It is required to click the right mouse button in the slide bar, which is located on the left. Then select the "Create slide" command from the menu.You can do the same in sorter mode. Click "Home" and "Create a slide." In PowerPoint 2003, select the "Insert" menu, then "Create Slide" or use this button on the toolbar. In order to change the order of slides, it is better to use the sorter mode. In the "View" menu there is a button for switching to this mode or in the window at the bottom - in the 2007 version to the right, near the scale, in the 2003 version to the left, directly below the slide bar.
  • Next, let's look at the markup of the slide. In order to speed up the work, you can use the layout layout under the title slide, slide with subtitle and title, with a list and title, etc. To do this, you need to find on the Home tab the button Layout, Call List. In order to apply the selected layout, click on it with the left mouse button. In the 2003 version, the “Layout” button of the slide is located to the right of the current slide in the task pane. To make a selection of layout, you need to click on it with the left button. To select markup options, click on the sample with the right mouse button. In order to be able to dispose of the slide space freely, without using the location of objects that was previously specified, you should use the markup “Empty slide”.Thanks to this, you can insert any object on the slide.
  • Let's talk now about such an important point as the design of the slide. In the ribbon, select the "Design" tab. View the design patterns on the current slide by moving the mouse pointer over them. If the template you like will be applied to all slides, then just click on it with the left button. If you need applications, you will need to right-click on the sample in the ribbon and select the desired option in the context menu. In the 2003 version, the “Design” slide is located to the right of the current site in the task area. Design templates are selected separately, they by default contain color schemes and certain fonts. Options for the use of design are also selected by clicking the right button on the model.

You learned from this article how to make slides and now you can create the presentations you need for your study or work.

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