How to make the interior in the style of kitsch (kitsch style)

Kitsch is a type of art that arose according to some data at the end of the 19th century, and according to others - in the 50s of the 20th century. Someone believes that it has always existed. The origin of the word kitsch is German. It translates as cheap, bad taste. In the interior kitsch means that it is always something that is characterized by the words "too" and "excessively". This is the dissonance of objects, blatant colors and shapes.
To decorate the interior in the style of kitsch, you need to know the attributes that are characteristic of it, its basic elements and features that will not confuse this style with any other.
First of all, it is the use of conflicting materials that are considered in any other style of the interior to be a bad tone. Plastic is combined with noble velvet, and magnificent marble - with artificial furs, chrome can be seen in the company with gilded baguettes - this is what is normal for kitsch.
Cute elements such as ruches, bows, toys, artificial flowers, nice looking details in kitsch are used in large quantities, one can even say in abundance.
Without gilding, not a single piece of interior that can be gilded.
The interior in the style of kitsch is difficult to find two similar in design piece of furniture - all completely different sets: a sofa in the style of high-tech and a chair in the style of country, an antique chest of drawers and an ultramodern table.
Screaming colors, psychedelic and sometimes maddening. Some of them are hard to even imagine, and not something to see somewhere, but for kitsch this is the norm.
Japanese style and Empire in one room? For kitsch, and this is not a problem.
In the rooms there should be disharmony in everything - in styles, in colors, in the elements of decor. If you do not follow this rule, you get fusion style.
Luxury items in kitsch are not welcome - only fakes and imitations.
The decor should be redundant, and objects should be evident. There should be a lot of kitsch.
This is such a strange kitsch, style of nihilists and rebels. It can be tiring to live in such an interior, but if a professional takes care of it, the house will be not only memorable, but also incredibly comfortable.

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