How to make up for Halloween: makeup photos and videos by yourself

How to make up for Halloween: make up your own photo and video

How to make up for Halloween: make up your own photo and video

What should be the makeup of a girl for Halloween? First of all - suitable for your chosen image! There are a lot of costumes for Halloween, as well as scary characters that people dress for this holiday.
In recent years, this holiday has not only unfading classics like vampires and witches, but also eclecticism - dead singers, actors, several cartoon characters combined into one, and so on.

In other words, both the costume and the makeup should fit together, but in themselves they can be practically any - the main thing is that they contain either an element of fear, or fun and the grotesque brightness of a carnival.

Halloween colors

By tradition, it is orange, black and white. In the makeup they are added maroon, burgundy, blood-red.

Make up a witch and a vampire do it yourself

In the modern version, both of these characters usually look pretty defiant. For the image of a modern vampire, make the skin on the face a little paler, color the lips with bright red lipstick, make up the eyes with black mascara and eyeliner, and you can choose any shadows - from black or dark gray-colored aise to bright and bold colors and almost artistic drawing - for example, shadows that turn into streaks of red blood. Feel free to apply some sparkles.

Make-up for a witch can also be limited to just a bright evening version emphasizing the image of "femme fatale," or you can add magic elements to it - for example, use a lipstick of two colors, the brightest of which will also be used in the drawing on the temple, eye makeup (for example, spider web). The Gothic image with a classic make-up for it is also relevant in this case - pale skin of the face, dark lipstick and shadows. Gothic culture comes to Halloween like no other!How to make up for Halloween: make up your own photo and video

Catwoman Makeup: Photos and Videos

Wearing a lacquer cat mask of this popular heroine is optional. Make the lips bright red lipstick and lip liner so that they appear a little smallerbut fuller; Carefully shade the lower part of the nose with a dark eyeliner, making a cat's nose, and from it in the hollow draw another strong dark line without strong pressure. Draw cat whiskers (not very long) and put some neat little dots between them.

How to make up for Halloween: make up your own photo and video

Zombie or dead man makeup

Whiten your face, paint your lips with light pink lipstick so that they look pale, and in order to make up your eyes, take on the shades of several shades of pink and gray, black eyeliner, mascara and black eyeliner. Carefully paint the entire eye socket (for both eyes) with the pinkest light color. To the cheeks and cheekbones, the color should be shaded and taper off, while at the nose and on the eyelids, apply pink in a more saturated color.

How to make up for Halloween: make up your own photo and videoYou can add gray to get a mixed shade. Draw with gray shadows the line of the nose on both sides, select the cheekbones. Paint your eyes with mascara and eyeliner; cover the eyelid line with gray shadows so that the transition from the eyeliner is less noticeable. Now draw with a pencil a few black cracks, as if the skin is now crumbling. Show your imagination - they look best when they “come out” of dark areas of makeup (for example, they cross the eye).

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