How to make your husband happy

The root of the problem

Today, a lot of talk on the topic of happy and unhappy marriages. Very often, reasons such as lack of sexual relations, betrayal of a spouse, and lack of attention from him to his wife and children are put at the center of family problems. Popular ways to solve these problems are to turn to fortune tellers, healers, use of various sexual tricks, showdowns. Maybe something works, but only for a while. Or else the illusion of happiness that has arisen entails a train of new, much more intractable problems.
The reason often turns out to be on the surface. Modern women are so accustomed to independence and are so active that if a man does not keep up with his wife in the speed of his reactions, he becomes an eternal “whipping boy”.
In addition, very often men live with their parents for a long time before entering into marital relations.And the change of status from “child” to “man” occurs only partially and formally.
Many women in the process of family life have a desire to push, and sometimes just make them perform one or another action of their partner in life. For the first time, the second spouse fulfills the requirements of the faithful, but then she can simply sabotage requests. This can be expressed either in a direct refusal to fulfill requests, or in a refusal from the caresses of a wife, etc. As a result, the tension in the family increases and leads to the rupture of the pair.
Very often, the root cause is the discrepancy between a man and a woman invented an ideal. It is invented! And this always leads to constant dissatisfaction with his chosen one.

Solving family problems

It is clear that the pace of today's life forces many to do everything quickly and not look back, but it will be wise for the lovely ladies to stop so as not to reach the turning point when people who love each other become not just enemies, but completely strangers.
It is worth considering in this situation whether the chosen one has any dignity, because the union did not take place in an instant.If you write them in your notebook, and in the evening to meet your husband with a kind smile and a caring word, this will certainly have a result. Of course, the initial effect may be reversed if a man is used to a strained relationship and has already taken a defensive position, but in such a situation it is important not to retreat from the chosen line and be consistent. It may be that the spouse will look at the wife who has changed his behavior for some time, will not melt in the first minute, but the water wears away the stone.
As for criticism, it should be reduced to a minimum and look for a more convenient time and form in order to voice effective sentences. By the way, as such they often look precisely in the eyes of women, but in practice it turns out that these were hasty ideas.
Caress, whether it is a word or an action, is pleasant not only for lovely ladies, but also for the most brutal representatives of the male half. Not only is she inspiring! Any person will certainly respond to it, the main thing is not to miss the moment when it will be impossible to turn back the relationship. A man will be happy and will surely give care and affection in response to his half.

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