How to make yourself play sports and do it in pleasure

Therefore, I am always surprised when a person voluntarily abandons normal relations with his own body, betrays him.

“Treat your body as if it were a stupid mongrel. Do not let him descend, train your will. Are you a man or a pig, after all? ”Asks a popular fitness blogger. She is known for making a flawless body. Low-carb diet, strange dishes like buckwheat, mixed with low-fat cottage cheese, which this lady preferred to eat right out of the container, propaganda of heavy power loads, when the cessation of menstruation or, conversely, uterine bleeding, according to "gurini", was not a reason to skip the workout, - All this was presented in her blog as the only way to gain beauty and health.

Hundreds of other “experts” echo her: Sergey Fage’s biohacker willingly shares secrets with her readers, how to “deceive the brain”, and phyta from instagram tell a thousand and one ways to “deceive your appetite.”Under the guise of "detox", a multi-day diet based on freshly squeezed juices becomes popular, which helps not to feel hungry and noticeably lose weight, but incapacitates the pancreas in patients with chronic pancreatitis (of course, no one warns about this).

How to make yourself play sports and do it in pleasure

The body as an enemy is a new trend among supporters of a healthy lifestyle. Our body, they believe, is “overflowing with slags”, “sits tightly on sugar”, “the receptors in the tongue are clogged with salt,” and therefore there is no chance to negotiate with your own body, you need to take radical measures, “take the mongrel in turn” popular fitness blogger. As if the body is such a thing that you can “unfasten” from the mind, put it on the far shelf in the closet, or change it at will for another, more suitable one.

“You do not need to spare yourself,” “You can do more” - this idea is echoed by advertising slogans of sportswear stores. Muscular beauties haughtily smile from billboards so that, willy-nilly, you think about your own weakness and worthlessness.

Cheat the body's need for carbohydrates and fats. Suppress the effort of the will "unsporting" desire to eat pizza or lie down with a book on Friday night.The body is an enemy, a naughty animal, an unloved child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity: just turn away, and the body has already got ice cream out of the fridge and eats quickly before it is taken away.

For some reason, the popular idea to separate from your body, to consider it disobedient and stupid is presented as a way to "wake up the mind" and "train the will." Here are just people who consider it logical, constantly suffer from conflicts in the family and at work

And all because the use of the strategy of "suppress volitional effort" does not lead to anything good. “Well, stop crying”, “You never know what you want” - these are typical phrases of a person with a lack of empathy, which he takes for trying to support his family members, but in fact simply devalues ​​their feelings.

In the field of sales there is a popular notion “work with objections”. For some reason, it is still considered an effective tool in convincing customers to buy an unnecessary product or service. In fact, this is an attempt to "force the will" to get into the head of another person and impose some kind of rubbish on him. It is logical that this does not meet with understanding, but often leads to a negative reaction from the client.Why "work with objections" is still used in sales - a mystery. But the popularity of this technique suggests how many psychologically illiterate people are around us and are trying to learn something.

How to make yourself play sports and do it in pleasure

How to make yourself play sports and do it in pleasure

The strategy of imposing does not work - neither on your long-suffering organism, nor on those around you, no matter how patient people may be. Success in a healthy lifestyle will be achieved only if you are acting in the interests of your body. You can sell a product or service only if you convince the customer that this may be useful for him, but conviction with standard “selling” phrases will not work; will have to delve into his needs and motives.

Positive dopamine reinforcement is one of the key principles of motivation formation. You did something that brought you pleasure, and your brain responded with dopamine release. In other words, a training session in which you are interested in and having fun, or a situation in which you received the coach’s praise, will definitely be fixed in the brain as an event that you definitely need to repeat. And so the next day, again, you are happy to hurry to play sports.And if you've been dragging along the treadmill for a long time, cursing your tendency to gain weight and this bloody simulator, the next day your brain will devise dozens of reasons not to go for cardio training, no matter how much you abuse yourself.

The more you are mentally detached from your body, the more it will take revenge. And not because the body is a dull pile of muscles, fat and bones. But because such a strategy confuses your brain

Therefore, the secret of stable motivation is sincere pleasure from what you are doing. Do not like the pool? Try a rocking chair. Do not inspire group yoga classes? Look for a personal trainer for at least a couple of classes, then to study at home in pleasant solitude, without haste.

The statement “No physical activity suits me” is very often a delusion. Perhaps all the activities that you tried turned out to be inappropriate. Or you have experienced a lot of discomfort from not training, because you have given yourself too much pressure. Dyspnea, palpitations and pre-unconsciousness - a typical story for a beginner. This is not a sign of exercise intolerance, but simply a signal from your body that you need to be more gentle and careful with it.

How to make yourself play sports and do it in pleasure

No need to rush to the search of the limits of their capabilities, as advised by sports beauty in advertising sneakers. It is much more useful to try the kind of load that is pleasant for you, comfortable and brings pleasure in the process. Even if it is a leisurely walk. Physical activity that is right for you, does not necessarily show up at the nearest fitness center, where all kinds of extreme loads are presented and coaches with sadistic inclinations work. Someone will find his happiness in karate school, accidentally coming to his son's classes. Someone will not buy fashionable sports leggings, because every day he will walk in old coaching exercises with a dog.

The only volitional effort that will have to be made over yourself is the setting of priorities. Sleep is more important than an interesting book. The regularity of training is not so important as quality rest - so if you worked hard and feel completely powerless on Friday night, it's better to go to bed earlier than to go to training. Not half a day, because you have a busy work schedule, that’s not the case either. Therefore, you still have to set aside a few minutes for a salad or sandwich.

The ability to prioritize and take care of yourself is a habit, It may take some time to form it.Sometimes it turns out to be more difficult than to force yourself three times a week to go for hated cardiovascular training or to choke on the disgusting taste of a protein shake for muscle growth.

The body is your ally. Ally resource and devotional, and therefore very valuable. Stop listening to idiots who recommend embarking on the path of mental disorder and the power of imagination to separate your body from the mind. Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. This will necessarily lead to greater awareness. And then amazing things will begin: you may want to be from sugar. Maybe you won't be pulled out of the gym. Probably, amazing transformations of your body will begin: weight will decrease, you will become more enduring. But the most important thing will happen next. This is a change of mind. A calm mind, a low level of anxiety, confidence in what you are doing - all these are imperceptible but very important changes that will give a different level of quality of life and will change relations with others for the better.

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