How to make yourself respect?

how to make others respect themselves

how to make others respect themselves

How to make yourself respect



All men love being listened to and respected. Especially since respect is useful and often makes life easier. However, not everyone has enough experience or knowledge to make others respect themselves. In this article, you can learn how to raise self-confidence and make you respect.


So, so that the question of how to force yourself to respect you does not bother, observe the following rules. You must be a first-class specialist in your profession. Only by doing your job at 150%, you can earn true respect. If you are a beginner, then try to prove yourself well from the first day. You must show your superiors and employees what they can believe in you, rely on you, and you will not fail. Naturally, if the team sees that you do not know how to do anything, and yet do not want to learn anything, then there can not be any respect for any respect.


How to make others respect themselves



You can not hurry anywhere. Achieve the location of colleagues gradually. Reputation is built step by step. For this you need to practice and accumulate experience. Only an experienced person can really successfully show their abilities and gain respect.


Respect others


It has long been known fact: "behave with people as you want them to behave with you." Therefore, respect others if you want them to treat you as well. Naturally, there are such "instances" that require respect from others, while they spit on them from a high bell tower. And how to treat such a person? Therefore, try to respect others, even if the person does not have such knowledge, experience or abilities like yours. He has a lot of other qualities for which he can be treated with respect.


Watch your words


Man is a creature that is very easy to offend in one word. Therefore, if you do not know what to say, the best thing is to just keep silent. Especially it is necessary to be silent if the tongue is itching to gossip. Silence is also necessary in the case when you really want to discuss someone behind your back. Believe me, there is no use in unnecessary words, especially since they will not add respect to you. Talk about business and be right, be serious, but not overconfident.Speak when you have something to say and then you will be a worthy person in the eyes of others.


Correctly accept constructive criticism


Any self-respecting person will be perfectly normal in treating constructive criticism. We are all not perfect and can make a mistake, but any useful advice and analysis of our own actions can help improve ourselves. Especially a person who has a high status and reputation gets the most criticism. A person whom nobody respects is not at all honored by the attention of others, let alone criticism. Try to take all the criticism with benefit.


Respect yourself


how to make others respect themselves

how to make others respect themselves

If you are not respectful of yourself, then how can you interest other people? You should always take care of yourself: always dress cleanly and neatly, always have a clean and well-groomed look. Clean hair, beautiful well-groomed hands, ironed clothes and good manners are a guarantee that people will like you and will create a good impression of themselves.


Defend your ideas and faith


If you are confident in your words, knowledge, faith, then you must defend your point of view. And you do not need to swear with the interlocutor.You can express your point of view concretely and clearly, with restraint and let others know that you are confident in your opinion. Such behavior also makes others respect you. It should also take into account the opinions of others, because they have the same rights as you.

Everything you think about, you must speak clearly and clearly. State your requirements directly and ask questions.

These tips will help you show those around you that you need and can be respected. Now you know how to make others respect themselves.

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