How to never be late

Correctly set the working rate, starting in the morning. Force yourself to rise at the first call of the alarm clock or put it away from the evening away from the bed so that there is no temptation to turn it off or switch the hands to a later time. The next day, prepare your work clothes in the evening, the same applies to the documents required for work, if they are kept in your home.
Plan your day in advance, make a daily schedule, which you follow when fulfilling your plans. Clearly imagine how much time you can take the implementation of a particular case. Starting a business, consider whether you will be able to accomplish it before you need to take on the next. And do not include in your list of daily affairs more than you can do. In this case, you exclude scheduled delays.
Observe priorities and be able to postpone the implementation of not very urgent matters in order not to be late for an important meeting. Always give the necessary amount of time to eliminate all emergency situations and take into account problems with moving around the city during rush hours.It is much more useful for business relationships to appear at a meeting a little earlier than the scheduled time than to make their partners wait for you.
Do not delay the completion of the conversation, if you have a business date, which you risk being late. Be able to politely apologize and interrupt the interlocutor, who already intends to discuss with you some insignificant problems in excess of the established rules. Apologize and, referring to the planned affairs, interrupt the interlocutor. No one will be upset with you, the ability to follow the plan will be perceived as a manifestation of high organization and efficiency.

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