How to open a sewing workshop

If you have already identified a district and even found a good room for a sewing workshop, coordinate your intention with the local administration of the district. Usually such issues are dealt with by the Board, the department for economic issues and small business development. You must collect a package of documents in which there will be fire safety inspection certificates, tenant / landlord’s consent, sanitary inspection conclusion, etc. A complete list of government agencies with which you need to coordinate the opening of a sewing workshop, you will be given out by the competent specialists of the district government.
The room for the sewing workshop should be suitable for work. Take care to accommodate several sewing machines. Make it well lit - let the seamstress see the smallest lines on the fabric. Install a ventilation system, otherwise the concentration of harmful impurities and carbon dioxide will increase in the room, which will reduce the efficiency of your female employees.
Take care that there are fitting cabins in the workshop - this is convenient for customers whose clothes your employees repair or sew to order.
If the premises for the workshop have already been agreed with the officials, recruited staff, purchased sewing machines, fabrics and accessories, then the maximum number of people should be notified of the opening. How to do it? Allocate a significant amount of cash to advertise. Distribute flyers near the metro or organize a mailing list with a notice about the opening of a sewing workshop.

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