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Taxi service is relevant and profitable business. However, before becoming the owner of such a company, you need to collect the necessary documents and develop a business plan. There are two ways to open this successful business. The most optimal and economical option is the dispatching taxi service. To open a taxi service in the format of PI, you will need:


- application for registration of an individual as an individual entrepreneur (Form P21001);

- TIN;
- passport and its photocopy;
- receipt of payment of state duty (800 rubles).


In order to open a taxi service, you can register as an individual entrepreneur (PI). This is the easiest and cheapest way to start a business.


Your application must be signed and stitched and notarized. It should contain the estimated OKVED codes for the PI. They will determine your activity.


Before you start preparing the documents, decide which tax system will be applied in your company. Many individual entrepreneurs choose the simplified system (STS), which includes two methods of paying taxes - 15% of income (net of production costs) and 6% of income.


Application for the transition to the simplified tax system will need to be attached to the main package of documents. If you do not, you will be assigned a general taxation system, which you can only change after a year.


At the same time decide on the name of your company. It should be original and easy to remember.


After you submit the documents for registration, you will be given the date of receipt of the certificate of registration and will be given a receipt, on the basis of which you will be able to receive the finished documents.


On the specified day, you will receive the documentation of the IP, which will consist of a certificate of state registration of the IP, an extract from the EGRIP and a notification of registration. From this moment you can start your activity.


An affordable option to build this business is to open a taxi dispatch service. It does not require large investments.You will need to rent an office, equip it with technical equipment, hire dispatchers and enter into contracts with private cab drivers. In this case, it will take from 150000 rubles of starting capital. Profit will be 20-30%.


You will need three lines for receiving orders, for which it will be enough to have one phone number, three computers and special programs for dispatching services - INFINITY, O-TAXI or MAXIMA. Using the dispatch program will allow you to keep track of calls, automatically determine the cost of the trip and provide communication with drivers.


This activity has significant advantages. You can get by with a minimum start-up capital and you will not need to rent a large, expensive office.


In order to find out about you a large number of potential customers, and the business began to make a profit, you will need advertising. Therefore, be sure to allocate a certain amount of money for the promotion of your service. This could be online advertising, flyers and booklets, etc.


The second option for opening this business is to create your own taxi fleet. It involves large investments, car purchases, hiring drivers and registration of a legal entity.There is an interesting idea for business, an SUV taxi on the dunes, which can be adapted to Russian realities.


Useful tips for opening a taxi dispatch service



From September 1, 2011 (according to Federal Law of April 21, 2011 No. 69-FZ), passenger and luggage passenger taxi services can only be carried out with a special permit. Permits can be obtained at the authorized body by legal entities or individual entrepreneurs.

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