How to open your car service from scratch?

The first thing you need to decide is the room. According to the regulations, the minimum distance from residential buildings should be at least 50 meters, and at least 150 meters from the water resource. The room should be drainage and water supply. You choose the location at your own discretion, if you provide quality services, customers will find you anywhere in the city.

Next you need to decide on the choice of services. The wider the range of services, the higher the profit. But it is impossible to specialize at once on everything. Of course, you can repair both foreign cars and domestic cars. But there are such failures that require serious diagnostics and repair, there can not do without expensive equipment. It is recommended to choose four main directions and organize the structure of work.

The choice of competent professionals will play a big role in the opening of the service center. This should be approached with great responsibility.Staff must be competent and, importantly, honest with customers. Now in many service stations to increase profits, customers report allegedly defective working mechanisms in the car. If you adhere to the same principle in your work, it can negatively affect your reputation.

Having an experienced team of employees you can begin to purchase equipment. It is better to do everything exactly in this sequence: the choice of premises, the recruitment of personnel, the purchase of equipment. Since experienced professionals will help you find exactly the right and good equipment for car service.

And, of course, the most important question is the starting capital. Unfortunately, to open a car service without start-up capital is unrealistic. You can save money by purchasing used equipment, but before the transaction it is necessary to check its operation. Another option is leasing, for this you need to collect and execute all the necessary documents.

To the question: how much money is needed to open your car service, it is definitely very difficult to answer. Everything will depend on many factors. As a rule, with proper and competent organization of work, all costs pay off in a maximum of 2 years.

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