How to organize a wedding in Indian style?

If you are one of those young and loving couples who are bored with traditional weddings and banal traditions, then you will certainly be interested in styling a wedding in Indian style. Today there are a huge number of options for themed weddings, but it is Indian that, by right, can be called very bright, interesting, mysterious and truly non-standard.

Such an amazing and special celebration, without a doubt, will leave an indelible mark on the memory and consciousness of both the newlyweds themselves and the invited guests, because, you can't argue, the traditional Indian rituals are a bewitching act.

Guests must also be in costumes.

India is the country that still strictly adheres to many traditions and rituals, for example, there are still “marriage by agreement”, that is, the parents of the bride and the groom agree on the possibility of marriage for their children.

Of course, mores and traditions gradually change, strict traditions are transformed,more and more often marriages of love, but the essence remains the same: Indian wedding is a great holiday of two families, which are sometimes waiting for decades and are prepared very carefully.

These are the guests

If you want to get a beautiful and colorful wedding in the Indian style, then even the richest and bright entourage may not be enough, because it is very important to be imbued with the special spirit of the joy of acquiring each other that is characteristic of the Hindus, because they have a marriage - this is for life! Divorces there are extremely rare, and because of that, the atmosphere at the festival is special, sublime.

The main thing is the idea!

Of course, it is not necessary to arrange a wedding in all Indian traditions, if only because there are too many of them and, in order to understand and take into account all of them, it is necessary to deeply penetrate the culture and religion of India.

To please yourself with an unforgettable triumph, it is enough to add several main points in the main scenario, which will point to the theme of the celebration. For example, you can attend to only the costumes of the newlyweds, music and decor of the venue. And you can go further: work on the script, add traditional and key points of the Indian wedding.


By the way, I would like to note that even in India itself, weddings are not celebrated according to the same scenario, the concept of the conduct and even the appearance of the costumes of young people may depend on the particular state.

Any themed wedding should be with a good idea, maybe you want a standard redemption and a banquet in Indian costumes, and maybe it's worth preparing a real wedding script that will resonate with some Indian film, you remember these magnificent festivities in Bollywood movies ?

It will be a beautiful rite

And you can work on creating a staged and theatrical Indian fairy tale that will turn your evening into something special and mysterious, in the best traditions of the mysterious India.

Cooking invitations

In order for your guests to be warned in advance about the theme of your celebration, you need to start from the very first - the invitation, which, in fact, will become the hallmark of the wedding. You can approach this question as responsibly as possible: make invitations in the traditional Indian format.


In this case, you will need satin, thick paper, decorated with intricate patterns of gold, red, dark green or blue.Remember that the main colors of an Indian wedding are red and gold, the more gold - the better and more realistic your decorations will look.

Traditionally, in India, honorary guests are invited to receive greeting cards in the form of silk scrolls in specially decorated jewelry boxes; you can get by with small ones: instead of a jewelry box, use a cardboard box or a thick cardboard envelope. The main thing is that they are richly decorated with golden lace - this is very Indian.

And what about the venue?

Of course, any restaurant with an oriental theme is ideal for these purposes, but if you still have the opportunity, then the best venue will be open air. According to Indian traditions, the wedding should take place in a huge tent, which is called "bozargan". This design can accommodate up to 1000 invited guests!


In addition to the main tent or awning, which is also a good fit in this case, you need another small small tent or shed. It is in him that the bridegroom is waiting for his future wife, and in him the whole symbolic marriage ceremony takes place.

It is very important to take care of the rich decoration of the small tent,all the space inside is decorated with yellow and red flowers, pillows are also put in for young people, parents and the person who will conduct the ceremony.

Particular attention should be paid to yellow flowers - they symbolize fidelity, sincerity and the sun, and, therefore, they should be, as much as possible.

Instead of pillows, you can use any soft and comfortable padded stools or other upholstered furniture. In addition to flowers for decorating tents and a banquet venue, many fabrics are used, the most ideal option is the use of embroidered Indian silk.

Kitchen must be appropriate

Do not forget about the additional decor - balls here, of course, will be redundant, but bouquets of flowers, elephant figures, bright carpets on the floor, peacock feathers, palms in tubs and other symbols of oriental culture - just right.

It is worth taking care of the wedding cortege: traditionally at Indian weddings the groom arrives to the place of the ceremony on a white horse, which for modern cities, of course, is not very convenient. To pay tribute to traditions and not to bother about horses, you can choose beautiful white cars decorated with garlands of exotic flowers.

Wedding suit

Once it was believed that the traditional dress for the wedding celebration of the Indian bride was a bright red sari, embroidered with gold, beads, rhinestones and patterns - an expensive and luxurious apparel.

These are the outfits

But today this tradition is already poorly observed even by Indians themselves, they increasingly prefer a European-style wedding - a wedding dress can be of any color, most importantly not white, because in India it is the color of mourning.

The European version of the Indian wedding dress is still different from our classical ideas: usually it is a fitted dress of A-style or “fish” style with short sleeves. Fabrics, as before, are richly embroidered and decorated, and on the head there is a long patterned veil instead of a veil.

Particular attention is paid to make-up, usually it is brighter than everyday, but, nevertheless, does not look defiant: the sensual lips, brightly-outlined eyebrows, and the eyes are brightly edged with kajal.

Traditional drawings

Do not forget about accessories: the bride becomes a married lady, so her hands are traditionally decorated with a lot of gold or silver bracelets, massive earrings, rings on fingers and even feet.

Another specific point is mehendi - henna painting on the body. Usually, the palms and hands of the bride are decorated to the elbow, as well as the feet and legs, it is believed that the more complex and intricate the painting, the future life will be richer and happier.

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