How to protect documents and money while traveling

Make copies

It is not necessary to be afraid that during a vacation you may be robbed, but you need to be safe in advance. All important documents need to be scanned and printed. The electronic version can be stored in any convenient for you service, and paper copies of documents should be stored in the baggage, but separately from the originals.

Make a list of necessary phones

In today's world, many people are completely dependent on electronic assistants, and if they are not at hand, they are completely helpless, because even important phone numbers can not always be remembered by heart. It is necessary to prepare a list of necessary contacts that will be needed in case of theft of documents or any other things: the embassy’s contacts, the bank’s phone number, the numbers of the closest friends or relatives. The list should be on paper and in electronic form on one of the "cloud" services.

Do not carry all the money with you.

When traveling, it is not recommended to carry money with you all the time. It is desirable that the hotel has a safe - in the room or at the reception. For walks you need to take so much to last for a day or for the next few days, if a long excursion is planned.

Use bank cards

In almost all countries, you can use bank cards, of course, if it is not the most remote and exotic corners of the planet. For travel, you can open a separate card on which there will be a certain amount of money that you can spend during the holidays along with cash. The main rule: never use ATMs that are not trustworthy, connect an SMS alert to the card to be aware of all transactions.

Do not relax

Vacation sets the atmosphere of relaxation, everything around you seems fabulous, cozy and safe. Enjoy your vacation, but do not forget about security measures. Carrying bags, thoughtful hiding places, hidden pockets are ridiculous at first glance, but money and documents will be safe. It is not necessary during the holidays to become paranoid, but it is also not recommended to turn into a gullible dork.

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