How to protect the car battery and oil pipeline from cold?

Russia is a country where climatic conditions are severe in most parts of the territory. It requires serious insulation not only buildings, but also communications that serve them. In the northern regions, where thousands of kilometers of chemical, oil and gas pipelines stretch, these strategic facilities also need protection from wind and frost. But the scale of the task is so large that its implementation seems incredible. However, it is not.


The creative thought of our engineers and technicians does not stand still, and its result was the invention of heat-saving products, allowing to secure the most important units of fuel supply systems and life support. Thermocovers are becoming more popular not only among production workers, but also in everyday life. With their help, you can, for example, ensure the uninterrupted operation of your car's battery: in the summer, save it from overheating, and in winter from the cold.


Cases are capable of creating a predetermined temperature regime at connecting and other pipeline nodes: valves, gate valves, and valves. In addition, they are the guarantor of the safety of ignition, as made of fireproof fabrics and non-combustible insulating material. Therefore, it is important to use thermal covers on the lines of oil and gas pipelines. They also protect these important objects from precipitation. Moreover, the fabric is not afraid of aggressive chemical environments, and the fastening of covers is very reliable: riveting, belts, high-temperature velcro fasteners.


The customer can transfer to the company engaged in the production of these products, the size and configuration of the structure, which he plans to secure with their help. And get the product exactly corresponding to the specified parameters. For northerners, the fact that covers can work together with heating elements such as OSHA-P, OU-R, etc. is important. Indeed, at -50 * C any insulation will be a rather weak guarantee of a stable temperature. And the heaters will allow it to be maintained inside the case, moreover, the adjustment will occur automatically.


Those instrumentation and automation devices, electromultipliers, valves, valves that are mounted on the street, thermo covers will protect not only from frost, precipitation, mechanical impact, but also from electrical discharges. That the product was high-strength, the manufacturer equips it with a thin metal grid. In a word, everything is thought out, to the subtleties. You just need to buy and use. Fortunately, the cost of this device is small. And he solves a lot of problems for the production worker, for the car owner, and for the farmer.

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