How to protect yourself from fraud in the service station

More and more women are becoming true avtoledi. How to protect yourself from unscrupulous car service staff?

When there are any unusual sounds or knocking - the majority seeks to diagnose your car to prevent damage. It is best to go to the car wash with a man (husband, boyfriend, relative, neighbor) who normally understands the car device. There are typical scam situations in garages:

1) In the case of an accident, when the insurance company sends the car to a specific car service center or to an authorized dealer - carefully read the work order. Sometimes there are spare parts that have not been installed, or any small things in large quantities. Of course, in this case “rulitsya” will be the insurance company, but you will already have an idea about this service station.

2) Replacing workable parts with new ones.Sometimes not just good mechanics, but also excellent psychologists work in car services. They are able to convince the customer that this particular part must be replaced, otherwise the damage cannot be avoided (and it is especially easy for a person who does not understand it).

3) If in the service station the calculation goes according to the standard hours - it is likely that an inexperienced client will “assign” extra work.

The ideal option is to use the services of the same workshop, which establishes in terms of price-quality-decency and qualification of the masters.

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