How to pump your ass for the perfect belfi on Instagram?

The priest in the status of the sexiest female part of the body has long been pushed her chest, because the first, unlike the last, is extremely difficult to obtain from the surgeon (try to find a specialist here!). So, self-earned in the gym or at home on the mat, it will be a genuine subject of your pride and a reason for praise from the lips of others. Well, and in the summer for pop comes the finest hour, when you can officially go to belfi with a selfie. What is belfi? ita photobeloved with focus on the fifth point. The concept of "belfi" comes from the English belfie (or simply belfi), which in turn is derived from the butt - "buttocks" and the selfie - "picture of yourself", "samoschka".

How to make uncommon belfi and not to look vulgar? And what if you pump up your ass only after watching this material? Catch our pop instructions.

7 star belfi worth repeating on Instagram

Attract friends, sports equipment, beaches with white sand and turquoise water, and especially accommodating photographers who are ready to repeat the frame more than once ...

Pair belfi

Review of summer fifths points withoutfamily Kardashian-Jenneris impossible. True, we mentioned only the youngest among the sisters - for the second year she has been pushing sex hard and walking in Kim’s footsteps, posting various parts of her quite seductive (thanks to plastic) figures on Instagram, and even chooses her photo friends.

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