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How to raise a son a man, a lonely woman

Good afternoon!

I am 38 years old. I have only one son, he is 6 years old, it turned out that he is growing without a father. I can understand what I am doing wrong and what is my fault. I try to do everything for him the best clothes, the best toys in one word all. I understand that I don’t spend enough time with him because I work in a frantic rhythm so that he has everything and so that he does not feel himself outraged in his surroundings. Please help me what I need change in themselves and how to establish a relationship of the child as before. I do not know the psychology of children and therefore I ask for consultations with you. I do not want my child to become more aggressive every year and grow up as an egoist. I want him to be happy and understand his whole life, that I love him very much.



First of all, you need to understand that the child needs warmth, affection and support, and not money.

Unfortunately, when parents divorce, children often experience guilt.They feel that they were abandoned, that they are somehow not so.

To avoid this, you need to talk about it.

And the most important thing is not to blame or devalue the father of the child.


most often notice that those who do not have a father grow up mothers of the owners than those who have fathers

"I try to do everything for him the best clothes, the best toys in one word everything." Maybe this is the problem? You try to pamper, but do not show that something is impossible for a child. I had one friend. In his childhood (90 years) he received (trite) Kindersurpriz every day and just packs. Now this guy is 28 years old and he does not understand how it is (elementary) to offer someone a piece of chocolate. He bought it with his own money. In order for a child not to become an egoist, start small; he must realize that he should share everything with you as a mother. Ask for half, remind that there is also you. But do not buy everything often, he must understand that everything gets labor. Regarding aggression, unfortunately I can’t give you anything worthwhile, but for some reason I have the feeling that it all comes from computer or body addiction.Keep her as close as possible if you need to sell a computer and a TV. It's good that you are now sounding the alarm, otherwise it will really be too late.

It is better not to give something in the material side than to not fill the moral side.

need less pankas and be stricter

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I am a single mother, I have a great son !!! And believe we are happy! So that he cultivates male qualities in himself, I always pretend to be small that it is difficult for me to do something, for example, to vacuum, or to carry a garbage bag, etc. And he feels like a “hero”))) I say to him, for example, “give me the first to enter the apartment, I'm a girl, and you are a man,” etc. And again - he is a hero! That is, pushing him to commit male actions and take responsibility.

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