How to relieve pain in osteoarthritis in acute condition

You will need
  • - dispensary card;
  • - results of an X-ray examination;
  • -blood tests.
It is important to know that arthrosis is a chronic disease of the joints that progresses smoothly. If the pathological tissue change has gone too far, it leads to complete immobility of the sore joint. It should be noted that in the event of an exacerbation of the disease, in addition to the aching pain and the characteristic crunch in the affected joint, puffiness appears, which gives the person great inconvenience. It is very important during this period - not to engage in self-diagnosis and self-treatment! Only a doctor will be able to prescribe the necessary examination and choose the best treatment method.
Remember that in the fight against exacerbation of the process is the most effective drug treatment. It includes several groups of drugs with which you can save the patient from the painful symptoms.The most popular of them are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Voltaren, Diclonat, Ortofen, and Naklofen). These funds have a powerful analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect, which greatly facilitates the patient's condition. In severe cases, anti-inflammatory and hormonal drugs are injected directly into the site of inflammation.
Please note that parallel use of drugs - chondroprotectors ("Chondroitin", "Chondroxide") is of great importance. They effectively stimulate the restoration of cartilage, thereby restoring mobility and preventing joint degeneration.
Do not let the development of the disease take its course! With far-reaching forms of arthrosis, the joint becomes insolvent for support and movement. Conservative treatment, as a rule, is ineffective. In such cases, surgery is performed, which includes joint prosthetics.
Do not forget about the gentle mode of stress on the damaged joints, which allows to prevent their mechanical damage.It includes a metered exercise schedule, special locking bandages and individual orthopedic insoles.
When improving your condition, take the time of manual and physiotherapy, this will prevent or significantly slow down the destruction of cartilage. In case of arthrosis it is very important to maintain the mobility of the joints and the elasticity of the muscles, which is achieved using therapeutic methods of gymnastics and special massage.
Corticosteroids used in the exacerbation of arthrosis do not improve the condition of the affected cartilage, do not strengthen the bone tissue and do not restore normal blood circulation in the joint. They only suspend the inflammatory process. Therefore, injections of hormonal drugs in no case should not be used as the only method of treatment of arthrosis.
Helpful advice
During the exacerbation of arthrosis, do not be afraid to use the cane when walking. It will help maintain the function of the joints of the lower limbs.

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