How to remember a dream?

Natalya Safonova
Natalya Safonova
January 23, 2015
How to remember a dream?

Sleep, as you know, takes about a third of our lives. During sleep, we see dreams, sometimes they are quite entertaining, but it is not always possible to keep them in memory. If you still want to remember a dream, how to do it?

To do this, before falling asleep, give yourself an indication that you are going to memorize a dream. You also need to prepare a voice recorder or a sheet of paper with a pen to be able to record the dream you see as soon as you wake up. It is advisable not to be distracted, immediately after waking up, to begin fixing the details of your sleep, while still in bed. As far as possible in the most detailed way to write down everything that comes to mind about the dream you have seen. Even if only some details are remembered, it is still necessary to describe them, since the entire dream can be restored in memory during the recording process. You can also dictate your memories to a voice recorder or tape recorder.

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