How to remove the panel on 2109?

Elena Melnichenko
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How to remove the panel on 2109?

There are many situations when it is necessary to remove the panel on 2109. It can be minor body repair of a car, painting, repair of the heating system of the cabin, as well as simply replacing the old panel with a new one. Before proceeding with the implementation, it is necessary to disassemble all devices, hinges and decorative elements on the panel.

Dismantling the panel

In order to properly dismantle the panel and at the same time not violate the integrity of other elements, it is necessary to adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. At the very beginning it is necessary to remove the steering wheel, then remove the carburetor suction by pulling it towards you (if the car is injection, you can skip the step), then you need to remove the handle from the drive thrust.
  2. Next, you should dismantle the console overlay by loosening the two bolts on the sides, remove the cigarette lighter and ash compartment.
  3. The next stage is the removal of the crank handle of the ventilation motor, and then the levers of the heating system for the passenger compartment.It is also necessary to disconnect the power from the backlight lamp and the power connector from the stove fan.
  4. After that, you can remove the remaining elements - the power steering knob and dashboard light switch, light controller and hydrocorrector, reflective heating devices for the driver and passenger windows - and unscrew the bolts on the top panel from the same place.
  5. After that, you need to remove the headlight switch by snatching and pull it out with a screwdriver as far as the wires permit, then disconnect the pads from the switch itself. It must be postponed, and push the shoe back inside.
  6. Remove the radio and radio (if any), dashboard trim.
  7. Now you can disconnect the power from the cigarette lighter, then from the connector of the alarm button, and also disconnect the pads with wires from the rear fog light and the rear window heater.
  8. Remove the instrument board from the panel and pull out the drive cable. With the ignition lock should be done the same steps.
  9. The last stage is the removal of the mounting bolts of the heating panel and the thrust guide of the stove. Now you can unscrew any remaining bolts and remove the panel.

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