How to repair a room

You will need
  • - Patience
  • - Diligence
  • - Finance
It is necessary to level the walls, ceiling and screed floor. Pay special attention to the corners of the walls and ceiling, this will depend on how the floor will fall. If the room has outdated frames and window sills, it is rational to replace them when repairing. Do the installation of the door after the final alignment of the floors and walls, for more precise installation.
Proceed to the putty of the ceiling and walls. Next, lay the flooring, if you work with parquet or laminate, varnish.
At the last stage, paint the walls or paste over the wallpaper. Install the baseboards to complete the overall look.
The final. Install the furniture and decorate the room according to your design. Make your own adjustments so that your room is unique!
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When gluing wallpaper, remove sockets and switches.
Entrust work with electricity to professionals.
Helpful advice
Remember, it sometimes takes more than a week before the floor is completely dry.
When installing the baseboards, telephone or antenna cable can be hidden.
If there is a loggia or a balcony in the room, repairs will be made there last.

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