How to repair hair ends

Buy in a pharmacy medical shampoo forhair. It is desirable that its composition included at least some of the listed ingredients: lecithin, lime extract, peppermint, chamomile, wheat germ or burdock root concentrate. Get a wooden comb at the same time, but set aside a massage brush with plastic or metal teeth to the side - it hurtshairs, and they start to split. Use shampoo as needed, but try not to wash your hair daily.
After washing, apply a conditioner or any regenerating mask forhairfor 3-7 minutes, be guided by indications of a specific manufacturer. Rinse thoroughlyhairs and dry them lightly with a towel. Then apply any reducing serum that you do not need to wash off (sold in many stores) on the tips of the curls. Substances that are contained in such serums (proteins, silicone, etc.), fill the damaged partshairand align its structure. But such procedures are carried out regularly, otherwise the effect will not follow.
Buy burdock root or dig up this healing plant in the garden. Take 200 ml of olive or sunflower oil and add about 50-70 g of dry raw material to it. Insist for about a day at room temperature, and then boil for 10-15 minutes. Strain the mixture. Rub into the damaged tips every other day, and if you want to accelerate growthhairthen distribute the product over the entire length.
Gradually yourhairYou will recover, and to speed up the process, temporarily stop using electrical appliances, such as a hair dryer, curling iron or ironing. Also do not abuse the varnish forhair, foam and other fixing means - they spoil the curls very much. Drink a course of vitamin means.

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