How to save love in marriage

Do not forget that marriage is the art of compromise. The nature of a person is such that his own habits, tastes, attitudes seem to him the most correct, are put in the first place, and he treats his faults condescendingly (or does not notice them at all). And to the views, tastes and habits of another person, even a marriage partner, he is often dismissive, while others' shortcomings annoy him. As a result, spouses, claims, mutual insults begin between spouses. And the more often this happens, the faster love can disappear. Therefore, do not consider your opinion to be the ultimate truth. Try to always carefully listen to your spouse, calmly discuss with him a controversial issue, try to come to a compromise solution. Somewhere you can give way.
Be indulgent to the shortcomings of the spouse. After all, your partner is not an angel, but a living person! If any habits or manners of the partner cause you a lot of discomfort, speak frankly with him on this topic,but only calmly, politely.
Be tactful, recognize for your spouse the right to personal space, hobbies, hobbies. Some people too literally understand the saying “Husband and wife are one Satan”. Sincerely believing that spouses should always be near, that there can be no secrets between husband and wife, they begin to behave too frivolously, sometimes tactlessly, touching the partners' pride. For example, they scan your spouse without permission or incoming-outgoing calls, SMS in his mobile phone. Or require spouses to spend all their free time together. As a result, the husband is deprived of the opportunity to talk with friends or go to the stadium, go fishing, and his wife cannot chat with her friends in a cafe or go shopping, making shopping. Here is a ready reason for discontent, annoyance!
Remember that in marriage it is necessary to observe tact, that the partner is not your property, he is not obliged to spend every free minute only with you. Do not forget about the miraculous power of kind words, compliments. Always try to scold less, find fault (even if you have something for that), and often praise, say good words.Delight your soul mate with surprises, gifts, even modest ones. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere in your home. If you behave this way, love in the family will not disappear, but will only get stronger.

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