How to sew a skirt bell

How to sew a skirt bellA fluffy maxi skirt in combination with a narrow waist looks gorgeous on any figure. Therefore, most famous designers are so fond of this style. It can easily be modeled to your liking: shorten, add folds, coquette, etc. If you also want to be in a trend and wear the most fashionable things, nothing prevents you from making new ones yourself. And how to do this, we now tell.
The bell is the name of the skirt, which is shaped like a bell flower or an inverted glass. This style is popular since the seventeenth century. In those days, the skirts were worn over the crinoline and put a pillow under the bottom, so that the thighs seemed thicker. With the advent of fashion for mini, skirts began to shorten, and the relevance acquired length above the knee. She is still beloved by fashion designers and is necessarily present in their collections. And they admire her not for nothing. The main advantage of the bell is that it perfectly hides figure flaws, suitable for slender and pompous girls.

What to wear?

If you choose the right part and accessories, then you can wear this outfit in the feast and in the world. When you create volume with the help of a bell skirt you need to know that the top should be tight-fitting.Otherwise you will look too massive. You can emphasize your femininity with a simple top, blouse or a cropped jacket. For the evening version, translucent blouses or tops on thin straps will do. Shoes must be on high heels, or platform. However, if you are a happy owner of long legs, then you can wear and ballet flats.

How to sew a bell skirt with his hands

Usually for sewing skirts of this style choose a dense fabric, for example, leather, jeans or flax. They keep their shape well and form a beautiful silhouette. Sew them one by one, only the length is adjusted, since it can be of three types:

  1. Short - has small folds on the belt and looks good on slim girls with slender legs. A great way to highlight your sexuality.
  2. Medium is the perfect choice for an office dress code. Suitable for all body types.
  3. Long - has a lush volume and a large number of folds. Suitable for girls with curvaceous or full legs.

To sew a bell skirt you will need:

  • A piece of cloth - width 1.5 m and length = your height + 20 cm
  • Secret lightning
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Dublerin
  • Hooks - 2 pcs.
  • Corsage Ribbon


  1. If you have an extra half hour and a piece of good fabric, you definitely need to do needlework. First make a pattern: measure the waist circumference and the length of the product that suits you. That's all, no more measurements need to be done!
  2. Cut two identical rectangles, fold them diagonally. To make the style flared, at the base of the cut we make a quarter of a circle. Measure the length and draw the bottom line and waist.
  3. Cut both parts, connect with side seams and stitch them on the sewing machine. Do not forget to leave on the one hand twenty centimeters for lightning.
  4. We gather the top in large folds, fix it with pins and we spread it.
  5. Cut the double belt to the size of your waist. Be sure to leave seam allowances.
  6. We sew the side seam and sew the zipper, undo the edges and zigzag out. The clasp turned out on the side. If desired, it can be positioned at the back. To keep the belt tighter, insert a girdle into it. Attach it to the inner side of the belt, and then pass through the machine seam.
  7. We work on the hem of the skirt on the overlock or use a hidden seam. We sew hooks, and boldly try on a new thing. We hope that this thing you will wear with pleasure, and it will serve you for many years. The short bell skirt is also sewn according to the same principle.

Tip: To get the perfect folds, loosen the thread tension on a typewriter. On the reverse side there are loops, and they can be stitched for the entire stitch length. And run at once two parallel lines, then the fabric will be easier to stitch. Also use this trick - flashing it once with a zigzag, and then tighten it. For even assembly, we recommend that you share a long strip in advance.
Skirt bell pattern:

Skirt bell video.

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