How to spend a real bachelor party?

The bachelor party is a farewell to the bachelor life, so you need to spend it so that he remembered, but at the same time he was not ashamed. How to organize a real bachelor party?

Have fun

What do you need for a great bachelor party?

So, what does it take for a stag party to be remembered for a long time? Here are the most important components:

  1. Friends. Without them, have fun just will not work. But it is worth inviting only the closest friends who have known each other for a long time, will not betray and know how to keep secrets. The number of friends can be any, it all depends on the communicability of the groom (after all, the sociable people always have a lot of friends) and on the budget (although even with a minimal budget a large company can have fun).
  2. Money. Agree, you can just sit and talk at any time, but at the bachelor party you need to have fun. And real fun without money is unlikely. But still, if "finances sing romances," you can choose a budget, but at the same time a fun option.
  3. A place. It should be such that no one interferes with the rest, but the groom and his friends themselves also did not distract anyone.
  4. Time.To meet in one or two hours you, most likely, will not work, because the groom probably did not see his friends for a long time, so that the conversation will be exactly what, and the conversation can be prolonged for a long time. But you still need to have some fun. In general, the bachelor party "in a hurry" - not the best option.
  5. Good mood. But even if it does not exist, it will appear in the process, if, of course, the groom does not happen something out of the way (in this case, the event is better to move).
  6. Attributes. So that everyone knows that the hero of the occasion says goodbye to his life and is about to start sailing in a boat of love and marriage, one can prepare thematic attributes. These can be T-shirts, hats, suits or something else. But the groom in any case should stand out.

Where to spend?

In club

So where can you spend a bachelor party? There are more options than you can imagine:

  • At home. If the budget is very limited, then you should not spend money on restaurants and cafes. You can invite your friends home and relax in a cozy atmosphere. By the way, this option is good if only because after the celebration everyone can just fall asleep and not think about how to get home.
  • Outdoors.In the summer, in the early spring or in the late autumn, you can go to the forest, to the bank of the river or to the cottage or hostel. The last two options are preferable, because the rest will be available all the amenities. In the first two cases, additional equipment (tents, chairs, table, dishes) will be required, but such options are more interesting and extreme.
  • In the bath. Almost all representatives of the strong half of humanity love this institution. So you can rent a bath for a few hours and enjoy not only chatting with friends, but also hot steam, cold pool water and massage with the use of brooms.
  • In club. This option is rather expensive, but one of the most fun. But, going to such an institution, you should find out if this idea suits everyone, because not everyone loves dancing and loud music. Yes, and talk heart to heart in the club is unlikely, although you can book a private room.
  • In the sports complex. If the groom and his friends prefer an active and healthy lifestyle, then the rest, which is familiar to many, may not be to their liking. In this case, you can go to a sports club.
  • Bar or restaurant.There you can have a drink, a snack, and talk and relax.
  • Spa. In vain, many people think that relaxing treatments are designed exclusively for women. Some salons offer special programs for men. They do not include such procedures as hair removal, body wraps, masks, and so on. But the groom and his friends will be able to enjoy a massage and a chic bathroom.

Things to do?


How to spend a fun bachelor party before the wedding? Banal gatherings with liquor and snacks can seem boring to many, so it's worthwhile to plan everything in advance. So, you can prepare a script with contests or act spontaneously.

Some ideas:

  • Hunting or fishing. It is fascinating, interesting and useful, because you can not only enjoy the process and combine it with communication and fun, but also stock up on products for the wedding (you can use “prey” for cooking).
  • Gambling board games. The most affordable, simple and at the same time suitable for the company option is a game of cards. But you should not play for money, because the goal - not a win, and an interesting pastime.
  • Active or extreme rest.You can play bowling, billiards, paintball, laser tag, football or any other game that will be understandable and interesting for everyone. You can also climb a cliff (not real, of course), take a flight by plane or ride a race car.
  • You can arrange a real city quest. Let your friends go on an adventure trip, during which they will perform interesting and sometimes unusual tasks and look for something important. Organize all this can someone from friends, but it is better to seek the help of professionals.
  • "Are you weak?" If you want something creative, then let everyone make a crazy act. Friends together will come up with some tasks and all in turn to perform them. So, you can ask to sing in the subway, dance in the square, eat whole lemon and so on. But no crime!
  • Fun party with entertainment and contests. Friends can sing or dance for the groom, play it. Contests can be some kind of comic preparation for family life and a simultaneous farewell to an idle one (dressing a baby doll, washing, cooking and so on).Lead can be one of the friends or a professional.
  • An evening of memories. Old friends will certainly be something to remember. You can collect old photos and make a whole photo album, and then plunge into the past and remember what was interesting in it. For this evening, you can prepare in advance, remembering the most vivid and ridiculous cases and stories.

Helpful Tips

You will remember this day

A few tips that will not spoil the bachelor party:

  • The event is best held a week or at least a few days before the upcoming wedding.
  • The day of celebration should be chosen so that the next day was a day off. This will allow you to relax properly and relax as much as possible, because the thought that tomorrow will need to work, is very distracting.
  • It is advisable to stock up in advance with "rescue" remedies that eliminate hangover symptoms (pain pills, brine, mineral water and so on). But it is better, of course, to limit the amount of alcohol.
  • All friends should be invited in advance so that they can prepare and free up time.
  • It will be great if the organization of the event falls on the shoulders of the groom's friends ("the sponsor" will be the groom himself, it will be fair).Then the hero of the occasion will certainly be surprised and will remember this day for a long time.
  • The groom should notify the bride in advance about the event, its approximate program (something you can keep silent about, but you should not deceive), as well as the venue and guests.
  • The groom should understand that minute weakness can turn into tragedy, so striptease and other “pranks” should be abandoned (or controlled).
  • So that nothing distracts from fun, it is better to leave the phone at home or turn it off. But you should periodically inform the bride that everything goes according to plan, and nothing unusual has happened.

Let the bachelor party be remembered, but not make pity or blush.

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