How to stop loving a person?

Falling in love, we become addicted to another person. But a moment comes when our goal is to stop loving him, to break the addiction. This can occur in two cases - with unrequited love or a break in relations. Let's talk about how you can stop loving a person you have been loving for a long time.

This article provides general tips on how to forget a person. And you can find more specific recommendations in other articles of our site: How to stop loving a girl and How to stop loving a guy.

Senses analysis

First you should think about your love. If it causes you pain and suffering, is it love? Determine for yourself that in your understanding of love. Or maybe you have everything much easier? Maybe this is not love, but love? Or affection? Or desire, passion? Many do not share these phenomena, but are perceived as a whole, believing that this is love.

It is also worth figuring out why you need love with this person. Or maybe you're just afraid of loneliness? Or do you want to rule? Or do you have a problem with self-esteem, and you are afraid of not finding anyone on your way? So, understand yourself, analyze all these factors.

Undoubtedly, anger will help. Get angry at yourself, that you turned out to be a weak person and subjected yourself to spiritual suffering, become angry at a person who needs to fall out of love for one reason or another. Anger will help dull the pain, let go of emotions, and it will become much easier for you.

Some psychologists advise to learn from the past. After all, we ourselves make ourselves happy or unhappy. It is very important to forgive the insult in your heart, to wish your beloved happiness and let go forever. A good way to forget a loved one, psychologists consider diving headlong into work. But besides work there are much more pleasant and useful ways to revive yourself.

Practical tips: how to stop loving a person

  • Change the environment around you. Take a vacation. If the financial situation does not allow, you can get away and out of town. Since loneliness is now not at all beneficial for you, you can bring along a couple of true friends.
    The situation can be changed in the house. Make a small repair, hang bright curtains, remove, or rather throw away all the joint photos. You can remain friends, but you should not store photos, because you will return to them, which means everything will start all over again.
  • Change your appearance. Not necessarily dramatically.You can make a new haircut or haircut, pick up a new perfume, change your wardrobe. Try to surround yourself with bright things. You can even buy something that you would never have bought, but in a past life. Remember that all this you do in the first place for your own sake, and not for others. Although, you see, when others pay attention to you, it can not but affect the mood. Wipe your tears, raise your head, smile and whisper that everything will be fine.
  • Get out for a walk, visit museums, cinema and other places. It will distract you from problems, enrich you spiritually, broaden your horizons. Try not to be alone. Surround yourself with close people, they will always listen and support. Especially since you can talk to your close people, and after that it will definitely become easier. And, without limiting yourself to the four walls, you increase the chance of a new acquaintance.

Many will say that they do not need this, that they are not going to attack the rake again, which is too early, etc. But remember that you are already different! You changed the situation, yourself, you try to be better. And that which is better attracts the best to itself. And the sooner you make a new acquaintance, the easier it will be for you. I'm not saying that the day after the break you need to run to the club to meet a new person.Of course, some time will pass. The time when you have time to comprehend the situation, look at yourself again, stop feeling sorry for yourself. All these tips will help you cope better with pain and regain happiness.

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