How to stop suffering?

Anna Basis

Each person chooses his own way. He can cope with any obstacles in his path, or vice versa, to break his life. Of such barriers is suffering. You need to worry for serious reasons and not for long.

Who are the lucky people? These are the people who control the feelings and do not give in to despair and despondency. Stop suffering and fulfill desires.

How to free yourself from the suffering of failures

Freed from the fact that does not give a normal life, it is not difficult. It is necessary to find a valid reason for the occurrence of this problem. Not every time it is possible and easy to detect it. Therefore, you can not do without a complete change of the situation and decisions. You must be fully prepared to carry them out. It seems difficult, but without overcoming the internal malady it is impossible to cope and after a small improvement, the habits will reappear, but with a new force.

How to stop suffering?

There is a category of people who are compassionate towards themselves. They are such, not because of an excessively bad life, but because they are pleased with the compassion of loved ones, close people. So they live much easier.The occurrence of such behavior has various reasons. Such people should have a desire to improve and change everything, otherwise, no matter how hard they say that they are tired of suffering, they will continue to talk about their difficult lives. And those who want to overcome it and rush to the heights will not discuss unpleasant things and will be aimed at positive emotions.

Without mentioning the torment and suffering caused by the tragedies of life, one can say that many are experiencing because of unfounded fears and unwillingness to be responsible for their actions and behavior. Many sufferers choose such a pathetic and dismal path. It is easier for them to shift unsuccessful actions to circumstances and surrounding people. And it would be necessary to benefit even from adverse circumstances.

In this case, there is no point in proving to the person that he is not doing the right thing or condemning him. The important thing here is that he needs to be relieved from the torment that is caused by negative reasons, but he must be willing to change.

To stop experiencing feelings that bring disappointment, make the following choice and accept yourself as you really are.Do not suffer reproaches, instead of elimination of the reasons which prevent to change ability to live.

It is not easy to recognize yourself as you have been since birth. Since childhood, we have learned that it is necessary to have certain properties in character in order to achieve good luck and to be honored in praising and approving others. But, there are no identical people and everyone looks at things in different ways. Although there are common moral values, but in many areas of life we ​​do things based on life views, temperament, and experience.

How to stop suffering?

Each person has his own way and there is no one right plan for gaining success that unites everyone. We do not resemble each other to do everything in a single way. Many lose years to become similar to those who got what they wanted. But it is they who do not achieve this. As a result, unsuccessfulness leads to torment, torment and loss of hope. Therefore, you must agree that you are not like the others: you have a completely different environment, abilities, preferences. You have your own way, which you must pass with dignity.

Everyone has an idea of ​​a happy and happy life based on their own temperament and preferences.So, someone feels comfortable in big cities and wants to be famous and wealthy, while someone prefers quiet provincial cities and is happy, having a good family and interesting work. Therefore, if you have a different view of life on the world than most people, do not strive to achieve their so-called happiness. Do not sacrifice yourself even to meet loved ones, because you are responsible for your choice, not you.

In the opposite case, you will doom yourself to a miserable and dismal existence.

How to get rid of the thought of suffering

You yourself can make it so that you do not suffer because of trifles. Everything depends on you. Your soul cannot be reprogrammed by anyone but you. So do it for yourself and change your attitude towards yourself and the world.
He who loves and respects himself will not allow a person or circumstance to inconvenience. Banish all sorts of negative things and forget it. There are no such events or people who would oblige you to sacrifice so helplessly your goals. Remember that you are not obliged to suffer because of ill-mannered behavior, audacity and stupidity of others, who believe that everyone is in debt to them.
Good to be for all people, it is impossible, therefore, and do not rush to this.Do not worry about the impeccability of people. Fix attention to more significant tasks requiring strength and attention.How to stop suffering?
Change the location to the people. Nobody owes you anything, just like you, by the way. Do not expect appreciation and gratitude when doing noble actions. You make them not for the admiration of your personality, but for yourself.
Stop making high demands on others. It protects you from experiences, anguish and suffering. Stop torturing yourself because of the world’s unwillingness to you (as you think).
Do you want to reach the heights of lucky people? Then carefully study their biography. Of these, there are few people whose road would be strewn with flowers. Many of them have passed through difficult obstacles that are beyond the power of a large number of people. Do not take to heart those unpleasant situations that have happened to you. Take only the benefits of them and minimize the negative effect. Do you know what the strength of a person is? It is how many times she rose after adversity, failures and defeats, and not how many successes she managed to achieve.
Lucky people are those people who are freed from unnecessary and wrong thoughts, things and people. To become more successful and happy, do "cleaning" in life.
Consider what negative experiences give you, how to help fulfill desires and avoid suffering. If nothing is given, you are wasting time. Do not worry again about what has already happened.How to stop suffering?
There is no past, and it will not affect your life, and the future has not yet come. You have the present and you need to live it, taking from life all the positive and not engage in an empty and sad occupation - self-flagellation, compassion for yourself. Do not waste time on these stupid and harmful things, because time is precious and during this period you could do a lot of positive and useful things. Stop suffering, worry, suffer and torment yourself. Fully devote yourself to native people and live a quiet measured life. Release the situation and she will decide in favor of you.
Every situation in life acts on a person as he allows it. Our position determines whether we will “enjoy” compassion and empathy for ourselves or apply this period of time to get our plans. Life is short and it passes quickly. Do not waste life on empty things.

Suffering is harmful to health and turns a person into a weak personality.Direct your strength to fulfill your dream, and do not waste time on an aimless and empty life.

Instructions: how to stop suffering and suffering

Not satisfied with life? Then do this: imagine a positive, intelligent, happy, successful person. Put yourself in his place, and do as he would have done. Seems like a game? Play nothing and see that the mental “muscles” that are responsible for suffering are changing. Instead of them in the tone will come the muscles, giving happiness.
Do not evaluate yourself in the present, but imagine yourself in the future. The nature is easy to change. Overcome the fear of losing yourself. You will not lose yourself, but you will become what you see yourself.
Tip: The rest is perceived as a form, a color that can be changed. It is a dark color that you can turn into a bright, cheerful color if you wish.
With your will, stop whining, complaining and suffering. Give the team to improve themselves and what you do not like. Apply some effort, because without it, it is impossible to become a happy person. Be inspired and do not despair when the inspiration passes, do not stop and continue to move forward towards self-improvement and changing things inside and around yourself.
For the right change of thoughts, answer questions about what you want from life, or what people are dear to you, or what kind of person you want to be. Then everything will be understood and your mood will change.
Take a piece of paper. Draw two columns. Write down ideas, desires, dreams in the right column, and in the left - write what you need for their implementation. Write fad and do everything, starting today. Do not delay.
During periods when the positive energy in you decreases and the head raises pity, suffering, apathy, hopelessness, in this case do breathing exercises. Breathe more calmly and deeper, distract from the painful, vital issues and concentrate on breathing. You will feel a surge of positive energy, good mood, and hope will overwhelm your soul.

How to stop suffering?

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and program to fail. Reflect on a bright future and recharge yourself with positive thoughts. Do not suffer and torment yourself because of past things. Still nothing to change. Think that after a while this problem for you will be insignificant, and you do not think about it. Set desires, achieve and fulfill them.They will help to forget about the tortures and unrest. Enjoy life and love it. Take positive moments from her and give her positivism.

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