How to teach a child to be accurate

It is possible to start teaching a child to be accurate from an early age, although it is not worth seriously demanding this from a child under 1.5 years of age. After all, in such children the coordination of movements is not well developed yet, in order to do something neatly. And to understand where the order, and where not, is difficult.

Two-to-three-year-olds usually begin to test their parents in order to find out how much they can violate prohibitions. Often they deliberately make a mess. In this case, it is not necessary to enter into altercation with the child, most likely it will only podzadorit. It is better to simply show that mother is upset by this behavior of her baby.

Sometimes it is necessary to allow a child to mud in the mud, in the sand, in the paint, almost all children love this. But at the same time explain that if you go, for example, to visit or to kindergarten, you need to be clean and tidy.

Children over three years old are already able, after a creative lesson, to put paints, scissors, clay into place, to throw away pieces of paper.Just do not distract the child during the lesson, and stipulate in advance that his work must necessarily be completed by restoring order.

However, you can not get too hung up on order and cleanliness. So you can kill any desire of the child for creativity, his initiative. While striving for the ideal, in all things there is a risk to grow up a careful worker who is obsessed with cleanliness. Such people are hard to be in society, because any mess annoys them. So, you need to remember the golden mean.

Neatness is laid, above all, the situation in the family. Children, imitating adults, also begin to strive for order and cleanliness. They learn to brush their teeth, wash, wash their hands, make their bed, clean up their toys, clothes and shoes. The task of adults is to instill in children intolerance to dirt, carelessness and untidiness.

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