How to teach a child to take care of things

Your task is to ensure that your word for the child is in authority. It is desirable that the new thing was not completely at his disposal, but with some conditions. For example, “here's a new machine for you, but you will play with your brother, and if she wallows, I will take her.”

And keep promises. If you see that she is lying, pick up and hide. Believe me, next time he will not forget to put her back into place. These rules should apply not only to a certain toy, but all other things too.

If, after all, a child has just a craze for breaking something, throwing it, then give him outdoor games, let him throw out energy, and when he gets tired of moving, try taking it with manual labor. It is a pity made with your own hands just to take and break.

The child himself must realize that this or that thing must be protected, and it must always be in its place. Set an example for your child to see that your things are always in place, neatly folded in one piece.

The child copies the behavior of their parents, no wonder they say that children are our mirror. When your child learns how to properly handle things, you can give him anything and in full ownership.

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