How to tear off the wallpaper on the wall

You will need
  • - Spray with water;
  • - spatula or knife with a wide blade.
Remove the baseboard on the floor. Wallpaper under the baseboard glued worse. Gently and slowly pull the piece of canvas wallpaper. If he easily moves away from the wall, then continue with the rest of the wallpaper to do the same.
When paperwallpaperpasted in several layers, it is not easy to tear them off. Add water to the sprayer (with which you spray the flowers). Water, if possible, should be hot. Wetwallpaper. Wait 5-10 minutes until the paper swells when exposed to water. Take a construction spatula or a stationery knife with a wide blade. Shove spatula underwallpaperat the junction and, without haste, remove as much of the wallpaper as possible.
To remove vinyl from the wallwallpaperor silk screening, first remove their top layer. To do this, pry the edge of the wallpaper and pull. Remove the bottom layer of paper using a water dispenser and a spatula.
Complicates the removal of wallpaper from the wall pasting strong glue, such as PVA.One of the removal methods in this case is the use of a building hair dryer. Rollwallpaperneedle roller. Dampen the canvases on the walls with water from a spray bottle. Heat the wet sheets with a building dryer. Removewallpaper.
Another equally effective method is the use of an iron with a steamer. Heat the iron to the maximum temperature and drive it on the wallpaper in the steam mode. Whenwallpaperget softened, they can be removed with a spatula.
Offer from our partner
In the building stores are selling tools for removing wallpaper from the walls. Diluted in water.
Helpful advice
You should not save money on fixtures, if you are convinced that the wallpaper is difficult to remove.

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